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  1. She is the only one to contact on my off days because sometimes she changes the hours she wants her nurses to come. Yes, this happens with my agency too.
  2. Some background on this patient- I only work Thursday evenings and the patient has nurses 6 days a week, used to be 7, but the nurse scheduled for Sunday is on an extended vacation as she is scared to work during the Pandemic. Mom doesn't want the of...
  3. Lvn to rn transition 2017(lonestar college system)

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to apply for 2018, I was just wondering what you all got in your 3 classes? Did they just take the GPA for the 3 classes? Also what did you score on the Hesi? Just wondering since I really want to be in the 2018 class.
  4. Hcc lvn program

    Hello, I graduated from the HCC LVN program in December 2014. Since you said you applied for it, I assume you turned in your TEAS score and transcript. The step after that it to wait for your letter to interview, they usually send that a couple weeks...
  5. Steps to Applying for LVN Program at HCC

    Hello, I graduated from the LVN program from HCC in December 2014. You need to take prerequesites, Nutrition and Anatomy & Physiology. There are two types of A&P, the A&P class for LVN, which is just a semester long, and A&P 1 and A&a...
  6. Resident's family wanted to discharge AMA at 10:00 PM Sunday night!

    Another thing I want to add is this particular resident was placed on contact isolation for having infected wounds.
  7. Resident's family wanted to discharge AMA at 10:00 PM Sunday night!

    He wanted to leave too, he wasn't happy with his care and being left in bed all day since he didn't have a wheelchair. Rehab therapy is supposed to provide the wheelchair, but I don't know what happened during the week. The doctor that was responsibl...
  8. Let me give you some background on this situation: I have been working at my LTC for about 5 months now, doing only weekend double shifts 6AM-10PM. The 10-6 nurse doesn't come on time because she has another job and I have had to wait for her to come...
  9. I completed my LVN at my local community college in 2014. Now I'm working on getting prereqs for the LVN-RN bridge program there, but I just learned that they lost their accreditation and the program isn't available anymore. I was just wondering if t...
  10. HCC Coleman LVN Program

    ^No. I took 2015 off to study for NCLEX and get a job. I'm now working weekends as an LVN and working on getting my the rest of my prereqs for the LVN-RN transition. I was hoping to go back to HCC, but now since they've lost their accredition, I'm go...
  11. HCC Coleman LVN Program

    I graduated in December of 2014, if they get their accreditation back, it's classes in the morning and clinicals in the morning. You won't be away from your children for long, but you'll also need to make time to study.
  12. Does your facility have 12 hour shifts or 8 hour shifts?

    I've been working at my LTC facility for about 3 months now. I originally wanted 6-2 Mon-Fri, but that wasn't open at the time, so I accepted 6-2 Saturday and Sunday. Now, the 2-10 Saturday and Sunday has opened up, so I'm going to start working 6a-1...
  13. Does your facility have 12 hour shifts or 8 hour shifts?

    That sounds like a great shift. I used to work 12 hour shifts, 3 days a week, and when I went to work in LTC, I found myself missing it. I loved having so many days off work.
  14. I passed my final semester.

    Congrats! It's been a year since I graduated. It's a great feeling. Good luck on the nclex!
  15. Houston Community College ADN Spring 2016 Applicants

    There were some bad instructors where you had to learn on your own, but having a study group helps. Tests were hard so you need to have good study habits. I figure since I made it through the LVN program, the ADN program can't be much worse.