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  1. NurseKellyKMo

    Traveling with a dog

    I'm on a local travel assignment now. I'm considering getting a camper/5th wheel for my doggo and I to travel in. I have a pitbull, and most mobile home parks don't allow them. However, you can also park in a state park with a permit. And they're less strict. And I'd much rather live at the lake or other state park area than a cramped trailer park any day. Does anyone else worry about someone seeing their dog and trying to steal it while they're away? #anxietyproblems
  2. NurseKellyKMo

    Anyone applying to Pratt Community College LPN to RN program?

    Hutchinson actually has an IV Cert class in Hutchinson, McPherson, and Newton I believe. So, you can go to any campus. Also, they have an online class and I took it.
  3. NurseKellyKMo

    Post-MSN Cert. FNP

    This is my ultimate goal - to be a FNP. There is a great scholarship program that helps people attain those goals if they agree to work in an underserved community after graduating for a certain amount of time. If you would be willing to share your experience I'd be greatful.
  4. NurseKellyKMo

    Creating a Nurse's "Mobile Office"

    I'm so glad that someone took the time to share what they carry on a daily basis. I've been trying to assemble my things in an orderly fashion. I'll be starting my second ever full time RN nursing job at a local nursing facility. I'll be working 12 hour shifts 4 days a week, so I've been stressing over what things to keep with me for emergencies, school, etc. I got on another forum for Every Day Carry (EDC) and there were nurses on there with similar lists/pictures of what they carry for their EDC. My question is - how many of you carry a bag of some kind - be it a backpack or tote into your actual place of work? Seems like I need a million things at work and I always feel unorganized and feel like a total noob rustling through my backpack for things I need for every day use. If you do carry a backpack into work, what do you put in it?
  5. NurseKellyKMo

    News Flash Everybody Farts!

    I'm absolutely cackling from reading this thread! I'm the non-politically-correct girl. Before becoming a nurse, I spent four years working in auto parts. My coworkers took off running if I walked up to them and said, "Hey. You guys wanna hear something funny?" I used to stick my butt in my bosses office, fill er up with a big fart, and shut the door. He'd get so mad. I knew I'd met my best friend in nursing school when we were walking out the door on break, and he looked at me with a half grin and farted this long trumpted as we walked across the parking lot. When we turned around, the bench was full of girls from another class who were also on break. I laughed until I cried. Love this forum! Love farts. Farts are great.
  6. NurseKellyKMo

    Hutchinson CC LPN to RN Traditional Bridge

    I'm a nursing student at Hutchinson Community College's LPN to RN Traditional Bridge Program. I'm seeing lots and lots of posts about different programs and I'd like to share my experiences this far. I started my LPN to RN "Tranitions" class mid June of this year. It went well. We reviewed a lot of MedSurg content that I'd previously covered in the PN program. We had two clinical days where we went to a private surgical hospital and took care of patients. The experience was amazing. We had opportunities to start IV's, D/C IV's, observe surgeries, and give pre/post op care. Our semester started with OB. The classes OB, Peds, and MedSurg 3 are broken into 5 week chunks. My OB rotation is about to end, and it's been great. That class is 2 days/wk 1/2 days. Along with OB, we have Skills Lab which is 1 day/wk 1/2 day. Along with that, we have an online "Issues and Trends" class where our assignments are spaced out to provide ample opportunity to complete them with adequate time management. Is it possible to work and do this program? Absolutely, for me anyways. It depends on your learning and study style. I do home health and hospice, so I pretty much set my own schedule. You WILL have more out of pocket expenses. 1. Scrubs - ordered from a specific company and run 80-100/set 2. Books - I spent around 750 for summer and added another 300 this semester. 3. Accommodations - we have a trip where we stay overnight. We are to pay for our own accommodations and grub while there. 4. Testing Fees - it's my understanding we pay for our own testing fees and application fees 5. RN Pin - we pay for our own pins. However - my experience this far in this program has been fantastic. Any questions, please feel free to ask!
  7. NurseKellyKMo

    Anyone applying to Pratt Community College LPN to RN program?

    You may want to take another look at Hutchinson, or another program as I heard that Pratt recently lost their accreditation.
  8. NurseKellyKMo


    I'm accepted into the traditional RN bridge program and starting in June. I'm terrified to say the least!
  9. NurseKellyKMo

    Help with case studies

    That's a lot of output in 2 hours for a febrile patient. Where exactly is the stab wound? What does the Foley output look like
  10. NurseKellyKMo

    Anyone applying to Pratt Community College LPN to RN program?

    Have you considered Hutchinson Community College LPN to RN program? I am accepted into their traditional bridge and the application period for the online programs just started this month.
  11. NurseKellyKMo

    Taking LPN to RN prerequisites

    I had most of my RN prereqs done before I started lpn programs. If you know that is what you want to do, and if time is of the essence, by all means take courses. Just make sure that you don't have to ignore your lpn studies.
  12. NurseKellyKMo


    Something to think about, when you are applying to different nursing schools, make sure you are able to go to all the schools that you apply to.
  13. NurseKellyKMo

    Nursing School

    I'm sorry to say, but evening clinical rotation is a rare thing when you are first starting. It's possible to still work, most of the people in my class worked through school. Just make sure you run your schedule as efficiently as possible. Make very good use of your time.
  14. NurseKellyKMo

    Squeamish future nursing student

    Cracking up reading this article. I am an lpn, do wound care on a regular basis. However, my mom just had surgery and I have had to assist her with post BM paperwork. On more than one occasion I felt myself winding up to gag. Some menthol rub on your nose, don't let your imagination get to you, and remind yourself that your patients need you.
  15. NurseKellyKMo

    Questioning my major

    I think patient contact is what you make of it. You will still have the opportunity to speak with your patients and educate them on different areas all the while doing whatever you are tasked to do.
  16. NurseKellyKMo

    End of semester

    NCLEX wasn't horrible. You will walk out feeling like you failed. It's completely normal! I had the time to mentally prepare myself for that feeling and have my support system lined up for me to call.