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I only just started working as a CNA, but I prefer to take my ring (I only wear one) off before I go to work. I am also in training as an EMT and I never take it off there. It's not a matter of the gloves for me - it's more what I am in contact with. I'd rather take my ring off and leave it at home than harbor more germs than necessary on my hands.

I also just ordered one of those lapel watches. I hate wearing watches in general, but I need one for work, so I started. When I saw a lapel watch when I was ordering new scrubs, I knew I had to have one.

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We have a "bare below the elbows" rule at work. No rings or watches.


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I don't wear mine. I kept thinking I was going to scratch someone with it. And one time a resident grabbed my hand and squeezed it to steady herself during a transfer and squashed my pinky finger against the stone, which REALLY hurt. It's not good for the ring anyway... too much wear and tear in a job like this.



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My work allows rings that don't have high settings. My engagement ring has a pressure setting, so I'm not worried about losing the stone, or scratching anyone with it. I also don't have trouble with wearing my ring with gloves. I never take the ring off because I would probably end up losing it. Just my luck.



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There is a product called CareRing Cover that will protect your rings and prevent rubber gloves from ripping. It is easier to wash than your rings also.

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When I use to work in a sterile environment in a hospital we were not allowed to wear ANY rings. Most of my co-workers put their wedding bands on a necklace and tucked the necklace in their shirt so they didn't worry about it getting lost if they forgot to put it back on their finger afterwards.

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My wedding set has a marquise cut diamond, so it has points on either end that catch the gloves terribly. If the gloves didn't tear, it was basically impossible to get them off without contaminating. I bought a flat band to wear for work.



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I don't wear any because they can pop a glove if it has a sharp edge. It's a bacteria magnet too if you don't wash properly. I only wear an old semi-cheap watch. There's a lot of hand movements during work and I tend to bump the glass on a solid surface.



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Hi Mvm2 how's working at home health at the beg . Do they give you an easy case as soon as you get certified or they Throwned you . And if the pay its ok or Being a cna you pretty much make the same as in a LTC ????? I just wonder

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I wear my ring at work, it is a plain medical grade titanium band. I was unsure about wearing it at first, but I've practiced washing my hands with the orange-glow goo (I have no idea what it is actually called, but it fluoresces under black light, so you can see if you actually washed you hands as well as you think you did), and the ring is not a problem to clean, nor a problem to clean around. Because it is a smooth band I haven't had issues wearing it with gloves. If I ever don't feel okay wearing it for something, I take it off and put it in a safe location (usually my wallet).