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  1. peachescna

    I need an orientation ?

    Thank you both for giving me sort of orienting me , sometimes I need to compare my thoughts becUse I could be wrong or right . I always give the chance of the doubt. Thank you I'll say nothing yet until give her a try one more time . Thanks a lottt
  2. peachescna

    I need an orientation ?

    Thank you so much , I appreciate you comment , I'll ne continuosly reading g it you have giving me a good point. The thing is I felt that I would be already complaining . But my license its firts . As you said . Thanks a lot .
  3. peachescna

    I need an orientation ?

    I recently got hired as a PCT at a local hospital,i've got already a week of orientation was most of the time in the classroom and next week I'm supposed to have a week on the floor on Friday last week was the only day I was on the floor for the first time, and the PCT I was supposed to follow , sHe pretty much wanted me to do things that I didn't know how to do since I have not hospital experience, I used to work in a nursing home before so I do not know most of the things a PCTs do . Like for example vital signs EKGs, telemetry and some others. There is now a different way to chart , in each room of each Patients there is a computer inside beside every patient's bed I didn't even have a tutorial Or went over it, she was she was rushing me and saying can you do these can you do that can you please go these can you please go there, I did really really really get mad or Frustrated . And when I stopped her many times in tasks that I did not know Indy not have any idea to do she always got pissed . With vital signs I do not have any problem, because that was one of my skills when I was in CNA school and when we went the first date first week of orientation we went over it. Again. The problem here is my manager paired me with this personwhich seems not to have any time for me especially with the Telemetry and the EKG leads there is a bunch of think that I do not know how to hook up a patient . I do not know I'm supposed to be happy with this opportunity that God has giving me but I'm really frustrated I don't know what to do I don't know if I had to speak up and tell my manager to to please pair me with a different person next week, because next week is my week of my formal orientation on the floor . I was looking for these opportunity in the hospital but I'm not really happy the first day was on the floor last week I wanted to cry I thought working in the hospital as a PCT instead of the nursing home would be different in terms of the way you do things . What things I can say or tell them the first day next week when I go to my orientation, should I speak up and tell manager that Im having a hard time ? Or just follow whatever they do to me . And pretend I got it . My floor its a fast pace Renal unit . I wanted to mention. Please any input will be honestly awesome to me . I'm confused and unhappy , but I don't want to loose this job .
  4. peachescna

    I hate being a CNA

    Hi , after reading the comment above , I can only tell you .. That changing diapers , wait for people to die, ..etc, are all part of what a real nurses do. And there's where you going to. Meaning you are in school expecting to be a nurse one day . This is all about care. Care for others that can't do by themselves anymore. Its the way you see it. anywhere you go, will have the same type of duties. Real healthcare needs a heart and compassion , I definatly understand feeling lost at the very beggining , but as the time pass you will do better and better . And you are going to like and have passion for doing your job . I hope you are doing very well , I wish all the best and God bless your hands.
  5. peachescna

    CNA got hired as PCT ?

    I did finished my phlebotomy training , but I was told I won't be drawing blood nurses do, no EKG ( wich I haven't started yet) but yes accu checks, vitals and all that cna's do , hopefully I can catch up vitals since in the nursing home I was . Cnas do not take vitals at all. This is what they call PCT but it's same as CNAs do. I tough pct will do blood , EKGs but it's not requiered in this case. I m glad i have this opportunity , since it's a Hospital can have more chances to grow. Once I get my foot in. Thank you , you was more than prepared since your job as cna have the chance to perform most of the things hospitals required when they hire. Good luck thanks again .
  6. peachescna

    you love/you hate

    One of the worst things I hate are bed sores and ulcers. Not that I can't handle the look of them so much as it terrifies me to think of the pain that the person must be experiencing. Its hard for me to treat it with a clinicalness without letting feelings and body and facial expressions get in the way. I am always so afraid of hurting them further as I'm taking care of the person I'm finding I say sorry a lot when I have to touch around it. It has to be one the worst things we nurses and CNAs have to deal with taking care of the elderly. And sometimes I hate that they are sometime unpreventable. They are not there always just on neglected cases. Sometimes they happen a lot with those that are very thin and frail. Many people that are in death process get so very thin that their skin breaks down and no matter how much you turn them and try to protect their skin it can happen. Hi, this what exactly happen to me with ulcers, and sores of the skin. other think that make me stay or spent more time watching a PT is when they tell me I cant breathe and all its right .
  7. peachescna

    need some advice

    Hi, maybe if you get at least a job only weekend PRN you'll get better pay , and will give you some experience while you keep searching for a PCT Job . LTCF are the hardest no matter what , as MVM2 referes in her comment. but you get to know so many people there , and the chances are widest. I wish you all the best.
  8. peachescna

    CNA got hired as PCT ?

    :nailbiting:Hi there , recently i got hired by a local hospital, as a PCT on a renal unit. I have less than 6 months working on a LTCF , and decided to get my phlebotomy and EKG for a PCT. so before my courses completed I applied for a position and got a phone call for an interview . thank God I got the position. I wont be able to draw blood and so much other stuffs but Iam so happy and feel so blessed to have this opportunity . But I am so bad nervous , I will have 5 shifts training and as I said its a Renal Unit . have you or someone you know , can just share some of your experiences as a new pct working in a hospital?? as we know most of the LTCF CNA'S don't do Vitals and other stuffs I hope I can handle this new challenge . anyone that wanted to share ... thanks all.
  9. peachescna

    Cna job offer with a week of..

    Thanks guys for your inputs !
  10. peachescna

    Cna job offer with a week of..

    Hi all, I came across to ask if having a week of orientation as a new hired with no cna experience at all. do you guys know if this is correct and fair? As I have heard of having more than a week of orientation I feel I'm gonna need more time . I'm going to take evening shift . pRN any clue or advice thanks to all in advanced.
  11. peachescna

    CNAs - do you feel like an endangered species?

    In jersey what they are cutting out are LPN's and hiring CNA's gradually !! It is what it is.
  12. peachescna

    Lower back problems before getting my first Job

    Hi vallilove , I definitely would like to . But wonder if a CNA can work in a doctor's office . I do not know but that would be nice . Since I know only CMA can . Really appreciate for your comment . Thanks
  13. peachescna

    OMG surprise call! I need advice!!

    Hi nlitened , can you share the site where you find your interview questions . I know by Google but would you mind share the site . I've been looking for a good one with no luck . Thanks
  14. peachescna

    Lower back problems before getting my first Job

    Hi, I'm definitely understand that won't get any medical advice here. I only wanted to know if I can still begin working in other area in the same field . As home care or pediatric with less lifting. But I think I didn't make myself clear . thanks.
  15. Hi everyone, Im super sad because a week before staring to work in my very first job as cna .I got very sick at home with the flu and a very bad back pain (lower back) I recently got my certification about 3 month ago with no luck in finding a job . And after get qualified for an interview , got my schedule for my first orientation that consisted in 3 Weeks to a month. I definitely wasn't Able to go due to my illness. My Dr. Told me that there's a mild degeneration in my lower back . That can become Chronic He was concern I'm on my 30's . The big question is . What I'm going to do now. I don't wanna loose my certification and wanted always to work with patients . My Dr. Asked me so many times if I want to continue looking for one of these jobs that consist in frequent lifting heavy people. Helppppp please , you guys think that if I work as home care will be the same or please I will really appreciate all your advices in advanced thanksss :(
  16. peachescna

    CNA to Child Care?

    Hi, I just did the opposite !!! From Childcare Center to CNa lol!!! many many people asked why went from small poop to bigger I hated when the DON told me that when interviewing me. But I just wanted to start a new career in healthcare I always wanted to work on a pediatric unit . But I went for CDA instead CNA or RN . It's never late for make a change in my life. If you really like children there's no harm to try. Good luck

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