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  1. I need an orientation ?

    Thank you both for giving me sort of orienting me , sometimes I need to compare my thoughts becUse I could be wrong or right . I always give the chance of the doubt. Thank you I'll say nothing yet until give her a try one more time . Thanks a lottt
  2. I need an orientation ?

    Thank you so much , I appreciate you comment , I'll ne continuosly reading g it you have giving me a good point. The thing is I felt that I would be already complaining . But my license its firts . As you said . Thanks a lot .
  3. I need an orientation ?

    I recently got hired as a PCT at a local hospital,i've got already a week of orientation was most of the time in the classroom and next week I'm supposed to have a week on the floor on Friday last week was the only day I was on the floor for the firs...
  4. I hate being a CNA

    Hi , after reading the comment above , I can only tell you .. That changing diapers , wait for people to die, ..etc, are all part of what a real nurses do. And there's where you going to. Meaning you are in school expecting to be a nurse one day . Th...
  5. CNA got hired as PCT ?

    I did finished my phlebotomy training , but I was told I won't be drawing blood nurses do, no EKG ( wich I haven't started yet) but yes accu checks, vitals and all that cna's do , hopefully I can catch up vitals since in the nursing home I was . Cna...
  6. you love/you hate

    One of the worst things I hate are bed sores and ulcers. Not that I can't handle the look of them so much as it terrifies me to think of the pain that the person must be experiencing. Its hard for me to treat it with a clinicalness without letting fe...
  7. need some advice

    Hi, maybe if you get at least a job only weekend PRN you'll get better pay , and will give you some experience while you keep searching for a PCT Job . LTCF are the hardest no matter what , as MVM2 referes in her comment. but you get to know so man...
  8. CNA got hired as PCT ?

    :nailbiting:Hi there , recently i got hired by a local hospital, as a PCT on a renal unit. I have less than 6 months working on a LTCF , and decided to get my phlebotomy and EKG for a PCT. so before my courses completed I applied for a position and ...
  9. I felt that way too. I only had 3 days orientation in a nursing/rehab facility , every day was a new think that I never had idea how to do it. So it's when I became the aide of the aides . Sounds terrible but true . There was some thinks that cnas do...
  10. Anyone here have CNA ll?

  11. Another topic about all 3 shifts. Not just Day vs. Night

    Well I work 3-11 pm and it's not easy neither slow , I don't get Any down time , since i get 10-12 patients and most of them aren't ambulatory , takes a lot for someone to help me , and patients are heavy as Rocks, 8 hrs shift sometimes it's not enou...
  12. Prn CNA pay

    Wow you are so lucky , to be PRN in the LTC I work they'll pay 12.5o hr/ but you don't get differential on night shift , evenings , or weekends . I work plain as 12.5 hr / no matter what shift it is. They consider benefits, to people who work full ti...
  13. PRN /1hr before call? Cnas pls

    Hi all, thanks all for the input I definitely went to the supervisor and expressed my feelings to be on call or Per diem . She told me well you are not required to come if you can't . You are doing us a favor to come and fill any call out . But don'...
  14. PRN CNA the worst?

    Hi cna's I always come to this page to share since I got certified. So so happy at that time. Well I do really like what I do. The problem is how I do the things I believe . recently I got a job it's only PRN in a LTC /rehab facility . They only give...
  15. PRN /1hr before call? Cnas pls

    I work the 2 shift . And they called a very short period of time just right my shift start . And I couldn't make it. I don't know if I make myself clear . On my post