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  1. johndough

    Running cardizem drip?!

    I am just not sure about running this medication. So I have one pump with 2 brains/attachments and one IV access. On brain A, the NS is running and directly attached to the patient's IV access. I needed to hang cardizem 5mg. I was going to attach it as a secondary line to the NS but was told that was wrong. So, what I was told was that to use a primary line and hook it up on Brain B and merge the cardizem line to the NS line on the port nearest to the patient. I was just wondering if this was a correct way of running cardizem? I mean I would have been happier to just run the cardizem on a whole different IV access rather than merging it with the NS. Thoughts?
  2. johndough

    Night shift schedule?

    Thank you everybody. Pretty consistent answers. I just know my body hates changing routine. When it senses change, it craves more food, which is a big no no health wise.
  3. johndough

    Night shift schedule?

    Yes, it is!
  4. johndough

    Night shift schedule?

    So I am new to night shift. I was just wondering on how do you guys schedule your shift. In the normal person in the morning (lol), you eat breakfast somewhere from 5am-8am, lunch between 11am-1pm, and dinner between 5pm-8pm. So how do you plan you meal on a 12hour nights shift. At least in the most "ideal" and safest way. Since you will be asleep in the morning around (8a-5pm example), when do you eat your breakfast, etc.? I know you can't have lunch because technically you're asleep. I just don't want to have an unhealthy lifestyle especially when nights are very prone to it. Do you eat dinner or breakfast before starting your shift? I am only concerned because skipping meals or irregular eating habits tend to make me eat more when I see food and make me crave more.
  5. johndough

    CNA Survival Kit

    Hmmm, since it's a gift from you to her, I would suggest. . . 1. Pens/markers/highlighters/mechanical pencil 2. Penlight (i know they don't assess, but something nice to have just in case) 3. Nice badge holder/clip 4. Some snack bars 5. Mint or tic-tac (I'd stay away from gum) 6. Sturdy notepad 7. Reference card that indicates what is normal VS/blood glucose, conversion table (if needed) 8. Bandage scissors 9. Just some tips for her: store extra scrubs, shoes, undergarments in the locker; always keep a pair of gloves in your pocket wherever you wonder in the hospital
  6. johndough

    How much do YOU think nurses are worth?

    You opened a bag of worms
  7. johndough

    New Grad Salary 2017, Arizona

    Granted there is a difference with pay in ADN vs BSN (yes I checked and was confirmed by the recruiter and HR personnel and relatives who went through the ADN route), I do not see why a more relevant experience such as having a CNA and MS-RN would not qualify for better pay. ADN do what BSN nurses do. The difference is just a lot of 300-400 level classes and a couple of upper division nursing classes that can probably be taken online. There is really no attraction to work for a facility that offers no competition to its new grad population if new grads with ADN, BSN, or MSRN have the same starting pay. If this is just how the nursing works, there is really no justification for ADN to obtain BSN nor even aim for higher degrees if there is no proper compensation.
  8. johndough

    Will I find a job?

    You will still be hired because you have your license. It may be a little hard because those years gone due to inactivity could tell employers that you may have forgotten some nursing critical thinking and skills. Don't fret though. What you want to do before you apply to any nursing position is to make a plan. Don't just send in your resume because it will be weak and unprepared. 1. Search your local community college, hospital, or school for a nursing refresher course. 2. Enroll in that refresher course! 3. Take your BLS certification too! 4. Apply! Alternative option!!! 1. Speak with a hospital RN recruiter. Usually found in job fairs or through LinkedIn.com They will be able to give you first hand knowledge on what that specific hospital will want. You may or may not need to take a refresher course. Hope this helps!
  9. johndough

    Why the double standard.

    I understand what your concerns are. Even my instructor said before that he and a female nurse had an understanding that he will do male caths and she will do female caths. I just think that it's too laborious to expect male nurses to do intimate procedures such as straight/foley caths when some facilities have policies that male providers or male nurses need to have a chaperone and usually not the other way around. I think some of these type of policies are going away though. It's just a slap in the face to be chaperoned like that and also if I were to have a female nurse to chaperone me, then she might as well do the procedure herself as opposed to two nurses being preoccupied with one task. When I was a nursing student, most female nurses I've worked with asked me to do the men's care from baths, foleys, condom caths, etc. by myself and always chaperoned me with female patients. The worst thing that I always hate that happens to me as a male staff, is that people always call me for the lifting or hard to move patients. I mean, I can help out, but there are other stronger and more muscular female nurses on the floor, lol.
  10. johndough

    New Grad Salary 2017, Arizona

    Thanks for the input. Just thinking that having some experience as a CNA/PCT and a few months as an RN would bump up the pay 0.50-1.00 more.
  11. johndough

    IV Question

    It's either the IV bag was on the floor (lower than the body) or it's on the artery. It also happened to a place I worked on where one of the RN's inserted an IV in the AC and suddenly we noticed that blood was filling up the IV line. The blood wasn't bright red and the insertion site was very superficial, so it should've been the vein. We ended up removing the IV and inserted another one. The patient's arm was slightly turning red.
  12. johndough

    New Grad Salary 2017, Arizona

    What is COL?
  13. johndough

    New Grad Salary 2017, Arizona

    Yep, it's that question again! I was just wondering on what is the current base pay (w/o differential or weekend pluses) for new grad nurses in AZ, specifically Phoenix metro area (west/east valley, central). I got offered an RN position at Banner Health for $27.24 + 18% night differential pay + benefits. I feel like this is low. I was just told that this is "standard" new grad pay. I'm currently a PRN nurse working for about 2 months. It's not a lot of experience but it means that I've been using my nursing skills for some amount of time. I have 2+ years experience working as a CNA or PCT Master's degree Short but sweet 2-3 months experience as a PRN RN I feel like I can already hear the "entitled" squad coming to get me. Having a "standard" new grad pay seems like a slap to those who have worked a lot as a CNA/PCT or earned a higher level nursing degree. I mean, I get paid the same as someone who literally just has nursing school experience. During nursing school, I've worked with new nurse grads who are confused on how to proceed with bed baths or use a gait belt because they never really utilized it and only used it during that one lab time in nursing school. It's true that CNA experience is NOT RN experience, but RNs should be able to do everything that a CNA can do. Just curious on what the current base pay for new grad RNs in a hospital setting. Thanks.
  14. johndough

    Condom Catheter?

    I just have some few concerns about condom catheters. Is it really okay for a patient to wear them 24/7? The patient is a quad paralysis and uses a condom cath rather that a urostomy or foley. Also, at the base of the penis, a wound has already formed because the rim of the condom is digging into the skin. There is a bandage covering it but still all the moisture and no air circulating is slowing the healing process. I have read multiple posts and article about putting on a condom cath. I didn't feel comfortable doing it at first because my patient always gets erect when it's washed and all the skin prep is wiped on his skin. He is a "grower" so when it is erect, it was easier to put. I've read on multiple posts that I should just hurry and put it on ASAP. That's what I've been doing. He had a natural reaction and I just do my job ASAP, period. I mean, I don't do any excessive effort to make sure the patient gets erect, but he has been ill for a couple of days, and is unable to get erect when he is washed, etc. He is smaller and shorter and he isn't happy on how the condom fits, and there is a lot of excessive condom rolled at the base of the penis. He wants the condom replaced when he is mildly erect, etc. He doesn't say it like that but that's were he is going when he asked me to redo the condom catheter. At this point, a friend/family member was the one who placed it for me since they are more familiar with this and have been doing it a lot before home health was on board and are okay with erection, etc. I just don't like the idea that I have to do "intentional" stimulation. It made me feel unsafe and I don't want to get in trouble. I have been okay with natural bodily functions, such as incontinence, sudden passing of gas, pt erection of genitalia or nipples, body odor, etc. I have known this pt for quite a long time. He is a quad, and I am 100% sure that this is not a "suspicious" activity coming from him. He has had multiple accidents when his cath fell off and had to sit in his pool of urine, which is why he is scared and angry. Thanks. NJ, USA
  15. johndough

    Do RNs get extra pay for working with students?

    I was assigned to one nurse who basically did not hide the fact that she would rather not have a student with her.
  16. I am not sure if it is true or not, but I heard that RNs get a little extra pay when they work on a day where nursing students are present. If the charge RN assigned a student to an RN, then they get the extra pay. I am talking about college nursing students not training a new employee. It just came on top of my head because I have been assigned to lousy RNs during my clinical rotations and it feels like they should be more engaged with students