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Wearing PJ's to Work?

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Have your kids ever accused you of wearing your pj's to work? Well....they are kinda comfortable. Imagine what it was like before scrubs....having to wear white starched uniforms to work. I, for one am glad those are a thing of the past.


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OMG, white starchies! I'd rather hear fingernails on a blackboard than wear those torture garments. And there were probably GIRDLES on under those board-like uniforms, too... and garter belts. Was the change away from this suffering due to more men entering nursing? If so, then thanks, guys!


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My two year old cousin was over at my house one day with her dad and I had just showered and put on my scrubs for work. She gave me her security blanket and a pillow and said, "niiiiiiight night." :sleep: It was so adorable.


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I never got to wear scrubs, darn it all! We wore dockers and polo shirts instead.

My great aunt was a nurse post WWI and wore whites that were STARCHED like crazy! The two generations below speculated about whether or not what she wore underneath was starched to board-like stiffness too. I was always amazed that she could sit down while in uniform!

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The uniforms were starched, but then again, women's clothes from eras past weren't all that comfortable anyway.

Nursing uniforms follow general fashion.

I do vintage sewing, and find the clothes very fitted in the waist, were often worn with restrictive undergarments. My mother and mother-in-law both told me about pants being unacceptable for anything but the most casual occasions and how cold wearing dresses, stockings and feminine shoes were in the winter.

Scrubs have a relaxed fit 1990s look to me- kind of like my boxy one pocket t-shirt and relaxed fit khaki pants that I wore so much.

in the philippines. they do, still, wear starched uniforms. .. no kidding. HAHAHA and the CAP.


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One of my pediatric patients recently was upset (I do not wear printed scrubs) stating "your work pajamas aren't fun!" Gotta love it!


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in the philippines. they do, still, wear starched uniforms. .. no kidding. HAHAHA and the CAP.

There are a few of us old timers in this country who still wear them too. I tried the scrubs when the cap started to go out of fashion in the early 80s and I never felt right in them. I like to garden in my scrubs and to sleep in them, but when I do nursing I wear my whites AND my cap, proudly.


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Being a guy, I catch a lot of flack from my colleagues about the "flare leg" bell bottom pants by Cherokee. One girl told me that they were "female only" lol. I didn't realize solid colored scrubs had a "gender." Nor do I really care. I love my bell bottoms. They are comfortable and they provide "vomit guards" for my shoes. :) I know this was a bit off subject, but I wanted to share.


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