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  1. Biosciencegeek

    Wage for STNA or CNA

    Some areas of the country DO pay their CNAs well, but that is the exception, not the rule in my experience and in my area of the US. There are CNAs in my facility (not me, I'm in nursing school working P/T) that work 16 hour shifts on a regular basis just to make ends meet. Many just get so burned out that they quit. How is that (fatigue and high turnover) good for residents who depend on them for ADLs? Tired and unhappy employees hardly ever equal good employees. If they just paid a little more, the turnover rates would decrease exponentially. I'm not saying CNAs should get $15-$16/hr right after getting on the registry, but min. wage to $9/hr to start is ridiculous in 2015, considering the vetting process and classes/class that are required in this day and age to get certified. Not to mention the hard work once employed.
  2. Biosciencegeek

    How to deal with stereotypes and vicious people

    Beautifully said!
  3. I'm a 2nd semester ADN student that's attending a community college here in NC. If you were not planning on changing states, you could get your ADN at Coastal, then find out which 4 year schools close to you are offering the 1 year ADN to BSN program. I'll be doing that with Western Carolina University since they are "co-oping" this way with my community college. And the majority of the classes are online, with me only needing to drive the 50 miles to Western once per month for a 1 day lab/seminar. I'd get with your advisor and check into that. It's a GREAT deal. Do you have to move to Texas? If you are in the eastern/coastal area of NC, I think (not 100% sure) East Carolina has a similar program and they have a WONDERFUL nursing program. I hope this helps. :) Oh, and Calculus is nowhere on the schedule. lol. I had to take an Algebra course as a prerquisite for the ADN program....and general Chemistry...but that was it as far as mathematically oriented classed went. I thought I wasn't very good in math as well, because it had been 30 years since I took a math course, (I'm 42) but I got an A. YOU CAN TOO!!!! You can do this!
  4. Biosciencegeek

    Did being a CNA make you NOT want to be a nurse anymore?

    Becoming a CNA helped me to learn what kind of nurse NOT TO BE. It's simply mind boggling to me how quickly some RNs and even LPNs can forget what it was like to be a CNA. I work with 3 that were previously CNAs. All 3 have extreme cases of amnesia. There are some that just can't handle being in charge of something or remotely understand what it's like to work as a team. I have vowed that once I complete nursing school next year, I will NEVER be THAT NURSE. I will NEVER forget where I came from. When team leaders behave like lazy, entitled teenagers simply because they now have "RN" after their names, it's the patients and residents in their care who ultimately suffer. After all, THEY are the reason we go to work everyday.
  5. Biosciencegeek

    Resident fell, now I'm fired

  6. Biosciencegeek

    cnas and end of shift med. count

    Very well said!
  7. Biosciencegeek

    cnas and end of shift med. count

    NO....Just no. OMG..NEVER do that...I don't care who tells you to.
  8. Biosciencegeek

    Wage for STNA or CNA

    I did not say saying that "Fly by night" CNA crash courses don't produce great CNAs. I said that NURSING SCHOOLS in my state will not accept their (crash courses) curriculum as a prerequisite. The "good thing" being that you must be on the registry before gaining acceptance into a nursing program. I'm a graduate of a "fly by night" academy too, and had to re-take the course at a program that my nursing school deemed "accredited." Sorry if you misunderstood. I should have been more clear.
  9. Biosciencegeek

    Wage for STNA or CNA

    And I might add, one MUST attend an accredited CNA I course, clinical rotation, and be on the CNA registry in the state of NC before he/she can attend a nursing school...no "fly by night" 3 week crash courses allowed either..which is really a good thing, more states should do that as it would weed out some individuals who have no business in the healthcare field to start with.. But the pay...sheesh. That's why many CNAs here aim higher....at least towards an LPN diploma just to at least be able to make a living...that is if they aren't already financially stable enough to not worry about the money and can be a CNA as a career. In reality, CNA pay in my state vs workload = high CNA turnover rate. High CNA turnover rate = inexperienced, brand new CNAs filling the vacuum and less than stellar care for residents and patients.
  10. Biosciencegeek

    Wage for STNA or CNA

    In my state, CNAs start at around $9.00/hr. for most LTC facilities. I'm sorry, but for lack of a better phrase, that's pathetic. Nonetheless, facilities continue to analyze and wonder why turnover rates are so astronomical. When people like my ex felon/drug addict cousin can change oil in the fryers at McDonald's for the same wage, there is a problem. Just sayin'.
  11. Biosciencegeek

    My Danskos STTTTIIIINK!!!

    Asics gel lyte iii. Spend the money on these babies and you'll thank me forever. The absolute BEST.