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  1. moki9204

    Re: New Grad orientation at New York Methodist

    Any details about the hiring process? Any insights would be very much appreciated.
  2. moki9204

    33 years old BSN new grad for 8 months

    Congratulations RNgalUSA! May I know how did you apply to NYP? Did you just apply online? or did you went to their job fair? Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. moki9204

    Please shed light on HHC salaries

    i have a copy of this information which they gave to me after my interview. base salary is 67k, night differential 5k, bsn 1.5k, masters 1.5k, certifications 1500, related nursing experience 1k/yr.
  4. moki9204

    Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx

    Hi Lizzlebizzlern! How did your application go? Did they contact you?
  5. moki9204

    Lincoln Hospital HHC, hiring process

    Hello HalalRN. I have an upcoming interview for a staff nurse position in the ED at Lincoln Hospital. How did your interview go? What were the questions asked? How was the hiring process? Thank you.
  6. I have an interview this coming Thursday, June 4th for a Staff Position in an Adult Emergency Unit at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center in Bronx, NY. I dont have any prior acute care experience. If someone here who had an experience, please enlighten me. I am so nervous! I really want to land this job. Thank you.
  7. moki9204

    California brn ien issues

    2 years. pm me
  8. moki9204

    California brn ien issues

    Thank you so much again steppybay. I think it's better for me to give up. I feel so hopeless anymore. I don't think I stand a chance of fighting this anymore since it is a state agency. It would also take so much time and money taking such actions. I've already spent 2 years waiting in vain, not to mention, the opportunities I've turned down. On top of that, I don't want to involve the names of my classmates who got their licenses after completing their deficiencies. Also, I already cancelled my registration at the school where I am about to complete those deficiencies which will start this coming May 23. That being said, there's no point of appealing this since it would take time for them to carry out such systematic review of my documents. I don't know if they have such thing but I am convinced that they are very incompetent and unprofessional in dealing transactions. Again, thank you for your response!
  9. moki9204

    California brn ien issues

    I think you got me wrong steppybay. My concern here is they've already evaluated my credentials last 2013 and I was deemed deficient for MedSurg, Obstetrics, and Psychiatric Ng. I don't have any problems taking these deficiencies since I respect the code of regulations behind this issue. Last March 2015, I was contacted by this school offering these courses to comply the deficiencies. This school was referred to me from a friend of mine who completed the deficiencies and was issued a license by the CA BRN thereafter. He told me that they were about 50 IEN students completing their deficiencies at this school. I communicated this to my evaluator and granted me to make up the courses, however, I need to apply for Endorsement by licensure since I am already a RN in New York. She just told me to apply for endorsement and I don't need to resubmit the documents that was submitted by the school since they already have it on file. So I did what she said and started my application process for the school. 3 weeks after, I got a letter of denial stating that I need to take a RN program in order for me to be considered for licensure contrary to the first letter I got from last 2013 which stated that I need to take only 3 subjects. I don't understand what made my evaluator changed her mind and told me to retake the whole RN program. That is just ridiculous. I asked her why do I need to retake the whole RN program, wherein, I was only deficient with the 3 subjects? And yes, the classmate who I was referring was from the same school, we graduated the same year, we have the same curriculum, and we almost have the same dates with our cases since we had a designated date for our completion of cases. He was granted to make up the deficiencies, but not retaking the whole RN program. I also have a friend who was also offered to comply the deficiencies. He was also asked to reapply for endorsement since he's already a RN from another state and the evaluation is still the same from his previous. His evaluator was different from mine, though. Now, he is about to finish the program for completion of his deficiencies. So that's it! ( I give up! Anyway, thanks for the info steppybay! I've already read a lot of infos here in allnurses and also aware of the PNA/CHED agreeing with the CA BRN.
  10. moki9204

    California brn ien issues

    I applied for RN licensure by examination last 2013 and was deemed deficient for MedSurg, Obstetrics, and Psychiatric Nursing. Like any other IENs, I invested so much time and money looking for schools that would offer these subjects. After so much waiting, I got ahold of a school that would allow me to make up these subjects. I communicated it to my evaluator and got a confirmation that I would be issued a license after completion. However, I need to apply for Licensure by endorsement since I already passed NCLEX-RN for NY. During the process, I already started my application to the school since I already got a confirmation from my evaluator. Thereafter, I got a letter from my evaluator that I need to take the whole RN program for me to be considered for licensure. I thought this was just a miscommunication. I went to the BRN Sacramento from Los Angeles and brought my concerns personally to the BRN. I brought the deficiency letter I got last 2013, the new letter stating that I need to take the whole RN program, and copies of the conversation with my evaluator granting me to make up the courses. GUESS WHAT!? I had the pleasure of talking with my evaluator and 2 supervisors. THEY WERE SO RUDE AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I dont wanna go in details anymore. They are $&@#%+!!!!!! THE VERDICT: I WASN'T GRANTED TO MAKE UP THE DEFICIENCIES BECAUSE MY EDUCATION IN THE PHILIPPINES DOESN'T MEET THE CALIFORNIA's STANDARD. I told them that I totally respect California's code and regulations for RN licensure.But, I don't understand why they've come up this adjudication. I am sooo comfused. How is my case different from other applicants who have the same curriculum and who graduated with the same school where I graduated??? Why were they allowed to make up the deficiencies? Why do I need to retake a whole RN program? I thought I was only deficient with MedSurg, Obstetrics, and Psychiatric Ng? They cannot give me answers to those queries but threw me words of discrimination. They even told me that I don't have the prerogative to walk in to the office and talk to someone about my application. TOTALLY BS!! (
  11. moki9204

    California license by endorsement denied

    Hi Jessica1976! Im planning to go to CA BRN at Sacramento to bring up my concerns directly to the licensing supervisor. I sent you a pm for details.
  12. moki9204

    CNA at 17 & RN at 19

    i was 20 when i got my RN license with BSN
  13. moki9204

    Not one but two job offers today!

    i am an RN with BSN. may i know what hospital you are referring? :)
  14. moki9204

    Cali RN, terminology needed

    Its hard to find an employer that wills ponsor H-1b visas in big cities. Try North Dakota or South Dakota.
  15. moki9204

    New nurse with no experience.

    The recruiter i spoke with said that I need to gein 1-2 yrs experience first.
  16. moki9204

    Complying with CA BON deficient courses

    hey guys. I know 2 guys who completed there deficiencies in just 9 weeks. They already got their license and working in a hospital (as evidenced by their instagram accounts). But then, they are not open about it. One guy, who i met here and got to talk with once in a while, doesnt get back to my emails, facebook, and instagram anymore. ( as they say, i was "seen-zoned" :)