what to wear?


I know this might sound stupid but I'm putting it out there. What should one wear when going for an interview? I mean I don't want to be over dressed and be under dressed. When I was in school my instructor told the class to wear bussiness casual. I just wanted to get ideas.

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Business casual is always a good choice. I interviewed for my current job while on my lunch break and wore scrubs. Good luck with the interview!

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I always dressed nicely for job interviews prior to entering the nursing field.

But nowadays, I have never dressed up nicely for a nursing interview. I'll usually wear scrubs, or a jeans and a shirt. Sometimes I'll wear a casual skirt, but nothing dressy or semi-formal.


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I wore black dress pants and a button up shirt, untucked. And of course, a pretty, but discreet, necklace :). It looked professional without being overly dressy/fussy.

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I wear a nice suit with pants and jacket professional but not too dressy. If you really want the job and especially if there are other applicants for the same position I don't think it hurts to look professional.


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If it were me i would wear like church clothes. Somthing nice but not over the top. You do want to show them that you want the job. That is what i would do.


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I wore a pair of black pants and a white button down shirt (untucked), for another I wore a simple black skirt and a blue button down top. I got both jobs so I must have looked good!! :smiley_aa :smiley_aa


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To me, business casual excludes sneakers, denim, regular t-shirts, shorts and/or capris and scrubs.

I say scrubs only because it has been drilled into me by various instructors and guidance counselors throughout my schooling.

I know there are exceptions to every rule (such as interviewing on your lunch break or in between shifts), but I would let my interviewer know before hand why I was going to be arriving in that way just to cover all bases.

Good luck interviewing!:lol2:

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