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I'm a bit confused with the new system that is put in place to determine GPA and ranking for those applying for fall of 2010. Also, I've been told that the TEAS test will take the place of the NET test. Does anyone have any informationa as to when the application packet will be ready and the breakdown of the new requirements needed to successfully apply for the nursing program. Does anyone know anything about the TEAS test (Is it harder, study guides?). This information will be very helpful.:nuke:


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Hi last time I called the office they said they would have info about the teas test by the end of the month. The last time I was in the bookstore I didn't see any study guides on the teas test, just the net test. As far as the new system goes you get points for everything. Past medical exp. All prereq's taken at wccc, gpa,and everything else that goes along with the app. Background check, essay,test scores,transcripts, high school diploma or ged, I think that's it. But call the nursing office with any other questions.


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I don't have my notes from the nursing info meeting on-hand, but if I recall correctly, the points break down like this: max 60 possible pts for GPA, max 20 possible points for NET/TEAS, max10 possible points for having taken all pre-reqs at WCCCD, max 5 possible pts for previous medical experience (insofar as I know, past med. experience must include some sort of certification), and max 5 possible pts for having finished all of your co-reqs (DT 130, BIO 252, etc).

Of course, they'll give you all this info at the nursing information meeting (which you must attend before applying), but I have no idea if they'll have any info on the new test at, say, the next meeting. I'm tentatively starting Spring 2010, so I lucked out and got to do the NET. ;)


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I have a couple friends that have taken the TEAS and there are apparently non-healthcare-related questions that really have no place on the test... but other than that they studied a workbook (that is being passed around our group of friends like the olympic torch) for a week and did very well. Nothing to sweat if you put in a few minutes to prep; and even the prep is just getting used to the types of questions and the way they're asked; I haven't heard anyone say "studying" helped much beyond that.

Hi there! I just wanted to know if your friends have taken the TEAS at WCCCD since the college has recently changed from the NET, I called and no one couldn't help me. If they did take it at WCCCD how was the exam and what should I except (i.e. time, how many questions). Thanks!


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No; they took it at EMU. It was $20 and took about an hour. This might help; if anything give them a call and the school can give you more details on the test.


Thanks musician's wife, I called and they said will be announced all the details at the information meeting day and the person I talked to said the test will be ready in September, and again thanks for the link. I don't know how many of us already took the NET and ready to apply for Fall 2010 but every time there is a change.


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glad it's working out. bummer that you have to take another test but if this is the worst glitch you run into, I'd call it a success. :) always glass half-full. and if you're able to go for the second degree programs, then you'll be able to apply to EMU now, too.

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The TEAS has reading, math, A&P & Chemistry on it. They don't have Chem as a pre req so i don't know how they are going to deal with that. Maybe they can edit the test without it. Or they may add it as a pre req. who knows but i have a TEAS study guide and have been going through it and it's going to prove who the dumbasses are who don't know there a&p. lol


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Nursing school has a unique way of knocking people off their pedestals all the time.

Just sayin'.


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hi logans mama

i just wanted to start studying so can you please let me know which teas study guide you have. i found these two study guide online :-

http://www.amazon.com/secrets-teas%c2%ae-exam-study-guide/dp/b0010yyevq price:$39.99


price: $38.95

and i don't know which one to get. i just want to buy it online and start studying. thanks for the info and one more thing i am thinking to retake eng 119, i took it at occ and i have b, but now i'm just wondering if wcccd offers english classes online? otherwise i would take it anyways

thanks all:redpinkhe

Logans Mama

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The second link is the book that i have. I got it in the WCCCD bookstore for $51 bucks. I get financial aid so I got it with that. So if you can find it cheaper go for it. Also, if you retake English 119 through wcccd, if all your other classes are done through wayne county, you will get additional points for acceptance. So it is a good idea. They do offer it online. I took it in class though so i don't have an instructor to reference you too. Check out the online version of the fall schedule on wccc website and look up the professors on ratemyprofessors.com and that should help you out some. GOOD LUCK!!!

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