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Anyone applying to the UW SoN for fall 2013? Anyone else FREAKING OUT about it like I am?... Read More

  1. by   ericseitz
    The past five years have been crazy and full of stress, but having faith that it will work out eventually is what I'm banking on
    I also have had to go through many hoops similar to what you said, as well as stuff from my past which makes it super duper difficult to work out. I feel your pain and you absolutely arena future nurse. Stay cool.
  2. by   Ladybug031302
    Quote from SaraFutureNurse?
    All I've ever wanted is to be a nurse, and I feel like it's been one hoop after another that I'm expected to jump through, and as soon as I do my "hoop jumping", there's a barricade taking one shape or form in front of me.
    Sorry to whine. I know we're all on edge with this waiting game.
    Oh Sara...... What a headache!! I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. Hopefully, your SoN app is just fine and UW can fix the undergrad mistake that THEY made. It's hard not to get discouraged and I agree with your "hoop jumping" assessment. It's so much more difficult than it should be. Granted, there's got to be a way to weed out the unfit candidates but for people who've been determined for years, taken the appropriate steps, and demonstrated their intelligence and capability via grades and experience, it should be possible to get into a program. And the first try. Not two, three, four tries later.

    I know there's nothing I can say that is going to ease your worries. Hang in there!!
  3. by   SaraFutureNurse?
    Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and cheerleading!!!!!!
    I can't wait till we're all classmates!
  4. by   hudabelle
    Speaking of hoops and difficulties....
    A couple weeks ago, after I was talking about the hoops, essays, applications, fees, entrance exams with more fees, payment to send "official" transcripts to 8 different schools etc..., someone told me if the nursing school thing doesn't "pan out" I should go talk to NASA about being an astronaut. Because it would be easier than getting in to nursing school. haha
  5. by   JLoya

    Nuff Said....
  6. by   Just_keep_swimming
    I'm getting bummed, so many other schools are sending out acceptance letters...just makes me worry more, did I show them what they were looking for? Am I going to be able to handle everything if I do get in? Will I even like my job as a nurse, lol, ugh all this uncertainty is driving me batty! to eat my weight in thin mints & pizza
  7. by   Just_keep_swimming
    Alright no more negative nancy posts from me, I got caught up with sadness & a slight hint of jealousy, sorry peeps! won't happen again!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend & Happy St. Patrick's day too I'm off to work to fix some airplanes, hoping one day it will be people instead
  8. by   SaraFutureNurse?
    Hi Jessica!
    I think you're saying what many of us are feeling....this waiting is the hardest part! Once we know what's going on, then we can start to plan what lies ahead....
    Keep your chin up! Have fun fixing planes this weekend!
  9. by   JLoya
    All I have to say is.....

    F*** THIS SH**..... Nursing school sucks.... I love my program, but FU** THIS SH**...

    I MUST endorse this program because it is amazing and I REALLY enjoy every class, but finals prep (especially for 2 quarters) REALLY SUCKS

    Cant wait to see all of you...

    Damn censors
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  10. by   Just_keep_swimming
    I just laughed my a** off, sorry but after the goat rope of a night I've had in the cold a** rain & wind, this made me laugh, thank you JLoya!

    PS I hope finals prep gets better for you & hope to meet you all soon!! Remember, one day at a time, keep pressing forward & you'll soon be done with that crappy final & 1 step closer to being done w/ school!!
  11. by   SweetDisposition
    Heh, thanks JLoya. I think I now care just a little bit less about when those acceptance letters are going to arrive! Thanks for the reminder that while nursing school is great, there will be moments that suck, for sure.
    Someone in this thread mentioned earlier that they'd applied to SU and UW. I did too, and I just realized that if I don't get into UW, the good news is I don't have to take O-Chem next quarter and I don't have to start school in the summer (the recommended optional class). It's nice to know there's a bright side to everything.
  12. by   hudabelle
    O-chem... Ugh. Hated that class. I really like chemistry but I did not like that class at all.
  13. by   ericseitz
    I always find that statement intriguing. I didn't like inorganic chemistry, but LOVED org and biochem.