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ericseitz has 1 years experience and specializes in Harm Reduction/Public Health.

I'm a new public health nurse, working in street outreach for homeless families with young children. My nursing passion include street outreach nursing, community/global health, and wound care nursing.

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  1. Wound care NPs?

    I'm only passion was more prevalent all around, perhaps health outcomes would improve across the board.
  2. UW DNP program

    Dsap, call (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF THOSE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) over at student academic services! She will tell you exactly what the reviewers said about your application. She told me that I had an extremely competiti...
  3. Aspiring wound care nurse suggestions?

    Thanks for all of the information.
  4. Aspiring wound care nurse suggestions?

    Ill be graduating from a BSN program this June and want to get into wound care nursing. I am a necrotizing fasciitis survivor myself and have been extremely interested in complex wound care/management (one of my big motivators of going into nursing)...
  5. UW DNP program

    I'm meeting with Carolyn on weds to see where I went wrong.
  6. UW DNP program

    I live in Wallingford, right next to the university district, so it's really close to the UW. I also have a friend who got into the DNP for psych immediately after her BSN, but that program didn't have as many applicants by far as the fnp. I think 3 ...
  7. UW DNP program

    That's ok , I was kinda expecting it. I am a current senior BSN student at the UW, so I had high hopes that I would get into the program at the get go. I have lots of global health experience and a public health degree, just not any experience workin...
  8. UW DNP program

    I applied for the fnp and got a denial letter yesterday... Better luck next yeah I guess.
  9. University of Washington DNP applicants

    When I went to the last info session, Carolyn said that we would be getting both email and snail mail confirmation, but perhaps that has now changed. Typical :)
  10. University of Washington DNP applicants

    Very much so.
  11. University of Washington DNP applicants

    Anyone who gets a letter, let us know if you could. :)
  12. University of Washington DNP applicants

    The MN is only two programs, that's why. Community health nursing and nurse informatics.
  13. University of Washington DNP applicants

    That's not too bad, since it is the dnp apps for all of the tracks.
  14. MSN vs DNP

    That may be correct, although the curriculum starts with all the DNP-based classes, which are all non-track specific class where all DNPs take classes together, regardless of track. Second and third year are track-specific years.
  15. Anyone have any insight or experience dealing with trying to register as a NP, including prescriptive authority, with a misdemeanor records with minor theft? Looking for WA state specifically, but it would be good to hear about other areas as well.