New Grad RN looking for job in DC, please help me!!

  1. Hello,
    I graduated in January and on March 3 I passed my NCLEX-RN

    But unfortunately, I am finding it hard to get a job, because I only have an Associates Degree, and they all want Bachelor Degrees; and also because I don't have 2 letters of recommendations from clinical faculty members, and all these DC hospitals require it....
    Unfortunately, I completed my RN program through an online distance bridge program where my clinical hours where really exams and I cant really get a traditional letter of recomendation.

    Does anybody have any suggestions? I am so eager to start working and I have LPN experience...

    Please offer me advice, if you have recently been dealing with this sort of job applications ext for entry level nursing.... I feel like I am spinning around in circles

    Thank you
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  3. by   malenurz
    This was a similar topic with some ideas that perhaps you have not thought of...
  4. by   chachi1212
    thank you, i did find that useful but I still need some advice on the my letter of recommendation situation ....
    anybody have some insight on this??
  5. by   rmc2
    Where did you get this idea that DC hospitals required BSN? Try the Washington Hospital Center. Requirement is associate degree not BSN. Plus they have among the highest rates for new graduates.
  6. by   oldlpnnewrn
    I am in the same boat as you. Lpn of 14 years just finished ad AND CAN'T FIND A JOB. Wandering what happenned with you. Did you find a job?
  7. by   wigglesgogo
    Hi Nurse Buffie,

    Did you work while you went thru your program? I would have thought the job you now (if held) have would have helped you secure a position. If not try applying to those companies that you previously worked for since they know your work ethic.
  8. by   ChristineN
    What hospitals are you applying at? I haven't seen ANY in the D.C. area that require only faculty recommendations. I would assume with your LPN experience that you probably have a manager or former supervisor that could give you a reference. I don't believe any hospital in the District is officially "BSN only" but with the economy combined with more of them trying to look good for Magnet, I could see how a ADN or Diploma nurse would get glanced over. Keep trying, jobs are just scarce in general in D.C. right now.
  9. by   oldlpnnewrn
    Thanks for the responses. I have lots of recommendations from my previous jobs(I have worked in hospitals for the last 10 years in 4 different states). I am very discouraged , but I will keep trying. It is very frustrating because here in VA it seems LPN's do not have good reputations because they go through one year programs. I went to school in Louisiana 15 years ago and we had to complete a 2 year course that was equivalent to an associates degree( the same as a lot of the associates degree RN programs). I have worked all types of floors in the hospital and consider myself to be an experienced nurse. I have been lucky to work in states that allow their LPN's to act as primary care nurses and not been limited in my experience. I just need someone to give me a chance. I am a hard worker and they would realize that if they hired me.
    I have applied too all the major hospitals in DC area. I am currently working as a charge nurse LPN in an assisted living facility. I took the job because I couldn't get a job in a hospital and it was close to me. I don't like it, but I will bare it. Every nurse has their calling and mine is to be on a floor taking care of a variety of patients. I am a hospital nurse!
  10. by   FloridaNurseB
    Hi malenurze... Or anyone else out there who is experiencing the same scary issue I am currently facing. I am a graduate of a community college in Florida (asn) and am planning on taking summer online classes to obtain my bsn degree... Moving to dc from florida is quite intimidating as it is, but I am completely lost when it comes to getting jobs. I have one year experience with a cardiac nurse externship, would the hospitals count that as an experience? Also, there are lots of job opportunities down here in Florida to gain med surg experience. Would it be smart to stay down here and work a year to add experience to my resume? Or is finding a nursing entry level job not impossible? I want to love up there ASAP! Malenurze, I tried to private message you but I guess I haven't posted enough topics...could you help me? I am so serious about finding a job there. I have a flight booked for dc in two weeks
  11. by   malenurz
    Was the Nurse Externship as a student nurse, or were you actually an RN? If you were still a student nurse, they would not count it as RN experience, though it is a good on the resume - it just won't count as RN experience - unless you were actually an RN.

    Don't worry about the ASN (ADN?) vs BSN there are nurses here who work with an ADN. The tricky part is getting a job

    Entry level jobs can be difficult to find but not impossible. The first job is hardest to find. It would help a lot - if you're serious about moving to DC - if you get a DC license first. Most nurse recruiters will not call you back until you have a DC license and experience. Having the license in hand will open some doors - or at least get phone calls returned.


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