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  1. Hello, anyone knows how much a new graduate at Inova makes? Also heard Inova gave a $5/hr increase to their nurses. Just curious. Thanks.
  2. Curious. A good friend who is getting her BSN degree in a few days got 2 jobs offers. RN Residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) and also at University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) in Baltimore. Which one do you recommend over the other? Also, if you have any suggestions as to temporary housing or something of the sort, please let me know. I told her that she should first get some sort of temporary housing in case once she starts the program she meets other nurses likes her who are looking to share an apartment and she regrets being locked into a lease agreement. Any tips regarding where to live will be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. rmc2

    Shift Diff at Children's Hospital

    Thanks so much Sunshine09RN!!!!!!!!
  4. Hello, any idea as to what the shift differentials are at Children's Hospital for working evening and night, and on weekends? Thanks
  5. Where did you get this idea that DC hospitals required BSN? Try the Washington Hospital Center. Requirement is associate degree not BSN. Plus they have among the highest rates for new graduates.
  6. Hello. I heard some hospitals in the Washington DC Metropolitan area offer some sort of bonus or incentives to Flight Nurses. I hear maybe Children's Hospital and University of Maryland. Would any of you happen to know? Any information will be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. rmc2

    name that hospital and its starting salary

    Washington Hospital Center is $27.673 for new graduate (someone with less than one year of experience). I think their new graduate rate is the highest in the region. Several other hospitals pays around $25 per hour. Shift differential is 20% permanent evening and 25% permanent night. But if you don't commit to the shift, it's 10% evening and 15% night.
  8. Hi there. I have a RN friend of mine who is interested in working as George Washington University Hospital. Any idea as to what the new graduate rate is and any other information? Thanks. I told her I know that the new graduate rate at the Washington Hospital Center is $27.673, and she is wondering if GWU's is the same, lower or higher.
  9. Could any of you tell me if it is true that Georgetown University Hospital pays their ER nurses a retention bonus of $10,000? Thanks.
  10. Chachi69, Washington Hospital Center is a great choice. Plus I think they have the highest new graduate rates in the area, aside from being a very good teaching hospital. Acuity is high but this is what you need to really learn.
  11. rmc2

    DC Childrens Hospital - PICU

    To RNNPICU: Can you please tell me your rate as a new graduate nurse at DC Children's Hospital? Did you also get any kind of sign on bonus? I hear Pediatric RNs can get as much as $20K but I am not sure. Thanks.
  12. In my hospital for example, you could still be hired as a NP with no RN experience but your salary would be less than a NP with RN experience. However, as a PA, we would count your paramedic experience. Somehow, we only look at RN experience (in addition to NP experience of course) when deciding how much to offer a NP; but for PAs, in addition to the RN experience (most PAs don't) we also look at their EMT (Emergency Medical Tech) experience.
  13. Can you please tell me the salary range / average salary for a Nursing Informatics Specialist. Thanks!
  14. rmc2

    Do i have to have a MSN

    Can you tell me the average salary for a Nursing Informatics Specialist? Also, does it pay more than a NP? Thanks!
  15. rmc2

    No. VA RN Salaries

    The average is $24-$25 for new graduates, with the highest rates in the Washington DC area. I don't know about Potomac Hospital.
  16. rmc2

    NPs exempt (salaried) or non-exempt (hourly)?

    Thanks. Where I work, NPs are salaried but we get premium pay for additional 4 hour shifts (our base rate - not overtime - X 4 hours). But someone told me that most NPs are hourly.