1. gUYS,

    i JUST WANT TO ask if its not so hard going to N.z without going to any agency..I'm from davao city, and i guess N.Z embassy here in philippines is located somewhere in luzon.
    RIGHT now, my present status as a R.N still about to start.eVEN thought i am 2005DEC.passer,yet no hosp.exp at present.
    I read about the necessary requirements of going N.z,but i'm hoping that someone could share there experiences in going all the process without any agency aid.
    if i can't get all 7 band scores in EILTS,can i still apply in N.z iF MY OVERBAND SCORE IS 5.5?
    Is it really true THAT 1 year hosp.IS now need n N.Z?
    My goal will be N.Z and i guess U.S can wait......?
    a LOT OF MY FRNDS HERE is having a hard time to pass or to have a score of 7 in all categories.INspite the fact that the took the exams severe times already.
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  3. by   owen2004
    new zealand and australia requires ielts score of 7 across all band.
  4. by   penicillin8
    Pass your IELTS first and acquire at least one year hospital experience. You will be needing at least NZ$ 10,000 for all your expenses form processing your papers from your country up to the time you're here waiting for your practice certificate.

    First, acquire hospital experience and pass the IELTS. it must be a total band of at least 7. No below 7 in any. Must be at least 7 across the board. That's the requirement.

    Goodluck kabayan!
  5. by   Hagabel this just for certain countries? Is this needed for US nurses? I am going through the lengthy process of registration right now.
  6. by   penicillin8
    Quote from Hagabel this just for certain countries? Is this needed for US nurses? I am going through the lengthy process of registration right now.

    You don't need IELTS Hagabel if your took your nursing education there in USA. IELTS & TOEFL are just for countries in which English is their second language.
  7. by   suzanne4
    Thread moved to the International Forum as it is specific to immigration/licensure issues per the red banner at the top of the sub-forums.

    You will need to have a passing score on the series of English exams to be able to work in any other country where English is a requirement to work there. A 5.5 is not considered passing and is not acceptable anywhere in the world.

    You are also required to have actual work experience as an RN. Please take the time to do some reading on the International Forum. You are going to need to pass these exams before you can do a thing, or even consider another country.

    It is also not a point of going with an agency or not, but the fact that you do not have any experience, nor have you passed the language requirements. You need to focus on that first, not the other way around.
  8. by   Hagabel
    Thanks. I actually trained in the UK but I think we qualify as speaking english there..if the Queen's, not the presidents!!
  9. by   ANnot4me
    Please go to website and read about some of the risks you take as Fillipino nurse coming to NZ. You will be made to pay for a transition course and it is likely that your first job here will be in a rest home (really poor pay).

    NZ needs nurses, but they are not willing to contribute much --if anything-- to get them. Also, your advancement opportunities will be limited. If you have no desire to stay in NZ, don't waste your time as they is better money and opportunity in Australia, the US or Canada. NZ is beautiful, but no more so than many other places. It is also a very expensive place to live.
  10. by   narutoidol

    thxs for the reply....Life is too short.