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  1. IM injection

    Can you do IM injection on the arm with matured fistula or graft? We're giving Hepatitis vaccine and it comes in 2 syringes. I always give both shots in one arm, non AVF arm but some senior nurses do give in arm with AVF. What do you do in your unit?
  2. To Filipino Nurses in NEW ZEALAND? Have questions please..

    US hospitals prefer hiring trained and experienced nurses. It's all about funding allocation, you know. It's more expensive to train a new grad than to hire an experienced imported nurse. Having said that, it doesn't mean that US hospitals are keen t...
  3. To Filipino Nurses in NEW ZEALAND? Have questions please..

    First and foremost, you must have IELTS with score of 7.0 or higher across the board, no lower than this in any category. Once you have this, you can apply for CAP in any school that is recognized by the NZ Nursing Council (google the website). All y...
  4. To Filipino Nurses in NEW ZEALAND? Have questions please..

    Contact the nursing council. Call or email them if you want to.They will reply to you. I don't think that there's an expiration for the decision letter. It will take you longer time to enroll for the CAP though coz usually the schools are full. Don't...
  5. NZ's new policy

    Don't go to agency and it's ^*$ worth it! You can handle the paperworks? You're not invalid, right? So you can do it. If others were able to do it, then you can do it. Surf the internet and google the NZ nursing council. From there, you'll get an inf...
  6. Filipino nurses in adelaide

    It's the same thing here in NZ. You have to undergo a bridging course. Just make sure that you already passed the IELTS score requirement. Regarding the caregiver job, just browse the internet and you'll find it out. Usually, the application is onlin...
  7. Here's the scenario: Patient's vitals signs pre-dialysis was fine and normotensive. So, charted bolus heparin was given. Upon putting the pt on the machine, BP was still normotensive so heparin infusion was started. After 2 hrs, patient's BP went to ...
  8. Foreign Nurses Immigrating to NZ

    It's a competency course or the "bridging" course. It's more of safety thing, actually. More of safe nursing practice in terms of clinical and cultural aspect. Don't worry, it's not so hard as you may thought so. It's not like you're back to college ...
  9. Foreign Nurses Immigrating to NZ

    Regarding the statement, "NZ does not consider itself to be multicultural, but bicultural (European Kiwi and Maori). That is not my opinion, that is the reality." Hehehe!!! A country is considered multicultural when it accepts or recognizes the diff...
  10. Foreign Nurses Immigrating to NZ

    It could be true if you are talking about schools in Auckland but I'm sure there are still lots in country side. Well, the good thing in the country side is it can be cheaper but far away. I hope you did a good deal with the agency that you've applie...
  11. Is there a really severe nursing shortage in NZ?

    Well done! Happy working in NZ!
  12. Is there a really severe nursing shortage in NZ?

    Try the tertiary hospitals (DHBs). They are accepting and with continuous new grad programme even open to those in nursing profession who wants to shift to new field in nursing. Search the internet for opening, trademe.com or seek.com. Saying that N...
  13. To Filipino Nurses in NEW ZEALAND? Have questions please..

    Read the whole lot in this website and you won't be lost ...http://www.nursingcouncil.org.nz. Sorry for late reply.
  14. Live Work And Study In Australia

    That's a scam from some greedy recruiting agency :angryfire
  15. interesting article on nurses in NZ

    I reckon some facilities such as nursing hospitals and resthomes are so lax. I used to work in nursing hospital, and the management cut the number of nurses working in the afternoon shift (from 2 nurses to 1) due to insufficient budget. Consequently,...