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  1. Hello!!!!

    Has anyone applied for a DC license by endorsement? If so how long do the process normally takes? I applied over two weeks ago almost three weeks, went down there in person and my application havent been but in the system as yet!!! I cannot start my job without the license and its driving me crazy. Your comments are appreciated
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  3. by   RNsRWe
    Sorry, I can't be of much assistance except to say that allowing only a couple of weeks for a license endorsement seems to be a pretty thin margin. I do know that this process (in other States) can take a couple of MONTHS, not weeks.

    Good luck.
  4. by   KenzieRN
    Mine took a week. I went up there in person and had it in less than 7 days. Call them and press them. Also ask can they give you a temporary license until yours clears. Tell them you can't start work without it. Just keep bugging them.
  5. by   renardeau
    It was very quick for me--about a week if you all your paperwork is done properly.
  6. by   haha341778
    Could you tell me the location where I can go in person to apply or to press about it ?
  7. by   bcandygurl
    I know that they are currently having delays as a few hospitals in the DC area are on strike. The address is 899 North Capitol Street, NE.
  8. by   bcandygurl
  9. by   nancyp2015
    I applied this week and need it by the end of this month. Im so nervous abt this!
  10. by   dnursy
    Is there a way to check the status of the license online? I applied for endorsement in person 2 weeks ago. You guys that got it within one week, how did you find out you got it. Did you keep calling them, or received an email, or what? I'm just wondering how I'm going to find out mine is ready to go.
  11. by   Britesmyle
    You can check on nursys.com. If nothing pops up that means its still pending. I applied in October and got it in November.
  12. by   dnursy
    Cool! I've been checking there every day. Was just wondering if the DC Board has a system where I can check it online also. I don't think they do...
  13. by   KimberlyRN89
    Quote from nancyp2015
    I applied this week and need it by the end of this month. Im so nervous abt this!
    I'm in the same boat. Has anyone had any success with calling?

    I applied last Wednesday and they have cashed my check, according to my bank. I hope that is a sign that they are processing my application.
  14. by   nancyp2015
    Try calling them. Ive been on their butts since I applied. This is my last week to have it all done. They claim theyre still waiting on my cbc in order to even issue me a temp

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