Was is worth while to study the TEAS-V (ATI manual)


I just bought the ATI study guide. Anyone used this and found it helpful? I am getting so many mixed signals. Some people are telling me it's not worth studying because it's your over all general knowledge, and others say it's great to study.

My A&P professor told me to plan on taking it twice because most people do. I'm in community college and our TEAS-V is important in ranking. Average scores they say are upper 60's and 70's.

So was it worth your while to study?


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I felt it was totally worth it. It gives you a very good idea as to the types of questions they will ask and the depth of material they will be testing. I was surprised at how closely the ATI practice tests resembled the actual test when I went in. I had also purchased the McGraw book and felt that one wasn't as close but it still gave me extra practice worth getting.

In my opinion, I didn't feel that it only tested "general knowledge." Yes, SOME questions may be considered general knowledge but I felt that a number of others I would not have gotten correct had I not studied. What may be easy for some may not be easy for others. For instance, people who are very good with numbers will find the math section fairly easy...while others may need extra study, practice and review to get a good score. I did well in my core science prerequisites and I felt that helped me tremendously in the science section. For the English Language section, I knew I had to review a few "rules" that I had forgotten or never fully learned.


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That book is awesome! It's written in the same form as the exam, which is great.

I used that book, and I scored a 96.

I read it cover to cover, and I marked the pages I needed to go back to and spend time on. Then I just focused my energy on those. Only took me a few days of really hunkering down.

Study hard and take it once. I know our program requires a 75 to apply, but most people scored higher.

Good luck!


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It is INVALUABLE! I scored in the 70s on some of the sections when I took the first practice exam cold. I scored in the 99th percentile on everything when I took it after studying the materials you bought. Exam format is a significant part of the final score, I'm convinced! I would never have thought to study the formula for computing potential energy and I have never been taught the order of operations in any class. Would have failed these both without the ATI materials. Buy and take the ATI practice exams. They're just like the actual exam. I wasn't exactly relaxed when I took the TEAS, but the test was so familiar I wasn't stressed, either.

Good luck!


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Totally agree. The ATI materials focused my study on exactly what I needed to know to do well on the exam.


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Hello bratty477,

Should I buy the practice tests that come along with the manual or will I be good without them?


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Hi byrdrenee34,

When I purchased the ATI study guide, it already came with 2 practice tests. Found them very helpful in "gauging" how consistently I was scoring in the different sections. I had also purchased the McGraw book with 5 tests so I did not get more practice tests outside of that. I felt the ATI tests mirrored my actual TEAS test more than the McGraw tests.

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If you want a 100% on your teas test I suggest you study the manual because the guys who created the test also created the book you have. So all of the content on the real test can be found in the book. It may not be word for word, but the content is still similar. Studying the teas manual is definitely worth studying if you want to pass, because you will actually have a feel for it in the book and you will see similarities on the test as well. But if you are extremely smart and confident then you don't have to study the teas book.

It's better to be safe than sorry.


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The TEAS V is 59% of the entrance requirements to get into the BSN program I am aiming for. With that much weight in the test there is no way I am not going to study like others have suggested.

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Anyone who says it isn't worthwhile to study for the TEAS is giving you bad advice.

All of this is extreamly helpful! I order the ATI study guide a couple of days ago.

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It depends on how much time you have. You are not going to remember a lot of the science information if you do not already know it. You're not going to become competent with math if you're not already. I did not study for a minute and scored 87 overall. That being said, I am extremely good at math, the reading is really simple if you take your time and I've always been good with grammar and a bit of a grammar nazi; I'll admit it.

All of that being said, it's probably worthwhile to get it and get the practice exams to figure out where you stand and find out how much studying you'll have to do.