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  1. byrdrenee34

    Study Group

    Are any of you guys from the Charlotte, NC area? If so I want to know if anyone would be interested in a TEAS study group. It is hard for me to study for exams but maybe this would be easier. Im attending CPCC and almost done with my prereqs. Hope to see you guys soon.
  2. byrdrenee34

    Spring 2014

    I am taking bio 169, medical terminology, and math 060 I also need microbiology but there are no available classes. I am thinking about another class to take any suggestions.
  3. byrdrenee34

    Teas Study Manual

    Thank everyone I really appreciate the knowledge.
  4. byrdrenee34

    Was is worth while to study the TEAS-V (ATI manual)

    Hello bratty477, Should I buy the practice tests that come along with the manual or will I be good without them?
  5. byrdrenee34

    Teas Study Manual

    Hello everyone, I was just approved by DCCC to register for my TEAS test does anyone know if I should just order the manual or the practice tests along with it?