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Wants "easy" MSN program

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Hi Nurse Beth,

Please don't judge me.
I am 55
I have been a nurse since 1986 10 years LPN, 24 RN.
I recently earned my BSN May 2020.
I am considering retirement in the next 7 years
I would like to earn my MSN for retirement purposes only. I will be staying on the same job which is School Nurse.

What MSN program would be the "easiest" not implying that any are easy
just saying least difficult if this makes sense.

Dear Wants to Earn MSN,

I definitely don't judge you for wanting the easiest MSN program to enhance your retirement. Everyone has their own reason for pursuing higher education, but I can't really point you to one program over another in this column.

What I recommend is for you to post in the School Nurses forum and maybe some fellow School Nurses could offer their opinion and experience. Also check out the

School/College Programs  . 

Programs do differ in cost and difficulty, so it's a valid question.

Best wishes to you,

Nurse Beth


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How do you plan to use your MSN post-retirement? I am not being cranky. I would be happy to make recommendations when I know your interest areas. I  retired in 2017 but am taking a lot of courses that deal with history, especially in Tudor fashion. In a nursing program I never got to choose elective courses I liked. We were dependant with taking what was available in the evening - since day clinicals took all the week day time, ended up with a psych minor. I always wanted to take history courses. I took one in my MSN, besides the history of nursing education.  I am currently in a course provided by the Victoria and Albert Museum (London) and am registerned for a course at the University of London at the end of October.. 

I thought about going back to get my Phd. but really did not know how I would apply what I learned. I am so much happier with taking courses based on my personal interests. How you find what you like!


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londonflo - your name is the dead give-away! I may have said this somewhere, but I am an Anglophile. Particularly, Elizabeth 1 and most esp,her cousin, Mary. I'm just gorging myself on Youtube histories, esp the ones by author Lindsay Holiday. I can just watch for hours. And I do.

To the OP - I'm sorry I can't help, but the School Nurses site does have multiple Master's prepared nurses who'd be very willing to be helpful. I just see the cost as impacting tremendously for such a short opp'ty for it to be worthwhile. I understand the desire for education for education' sake but the MSN would just be too specific as I see it.


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59 minutes ago, amoLucia said:

esp the ones by author Lindsay Holiday. I can just watch for hours. And I do.

Thank you! Now I have a new name to follow on Youtube!  This morning I watched a virtual conference put on by "Medieval Dress and Textile Society."  2 weeks ago was 'Tudor-Con (which used to be the Tudor Summit)'. Because of Covid, everything is on-line. When we are back to normal, I hope the virtual education opportunities continue! Happy Tudoring amoLucia!

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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I think OP wants the MSN to boost her pension- some schools operate that way I think. Right? 

OP: www.wgu.edu 

Not easy academically- but easy in terms of plenty of support and maximum flexibility



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1 hour ago, meanmaryjean said:

I think OP wants the MSN to boost her pension- some schools operate that way I think. Right?

Oh, now I get it. Didn't think about that. 

Op does it have to be an MSN? Does a Master's work or even some credits in denominations like 15, 30 45. I had my MSN but boosted my pay and pension during my 18 years with some Master's in Education/post graduate courses. Got up to MSN plus 45 graduate credits plus I could pay in cash/no loans. The format is now all online now.


I had to get approval ahead of time for all courses but I would think  graduate level  courses on ADHD behavior, drugs and alcohol problems in families would relate to your school nurse position. 

I would look at state schools that offer online option.  That is what I did and my time on campus was very limited and the tuition was reasonable.  I did have to find my own clinical sites.  I think that the education and administration options were easiest, compared to the clinial options (NP or Clinical Nurse Specialist).