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i want to pass my nclex rn

by toto rose toto rose (New) New

i am looking for good review to help me pass my nclex rn exam

anybody heared about( psb exam secrets study guide ) is it good


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hurst review is best ! I passed in 1st try with 75 questions. if you cannot afford live review then buy her pathophysiology review book from barnes and noble. it goes through all systems.


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No offense, but you either know it or you don't. Review your weak points, take a deep breath and rock that test...if you fail, well, then you should have studied more..hahaha...just kidding with you. My point is don't stress yourself out, again, whatever you do, don't stress yourself out. Yes, its a tough, mind numbing test that many very good, smart nurses fail the first time, but don't stress yourself out. You can always take it again.


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Get the blue Saunders book. It lays everything out in bulleted format. Malenurses is right; don't stress out and focus on your weaker areas.


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i used the strategy in the Kaplan RN Course book, and the Saunders review software questions. basically do about 25 questions or more a day, and start early.

Pearson Vue gives the test here, so I used their NCLEX book to study. I passed with 285 questions. I also used the Hurst (I did not take the class, a friend gave me some info.)

My advice is this, do as many practice questions as possible. The most valuable test answering advice I got was from Hurst,

Choose the answer that is going to save someone's life. The test wants to know if you are competent to recognize when a pt is going south. They know that you are fresh from school, so the questions are in critical thinking format. It's all about pt safety. Also, take breaks...if you get stumped on a few, get up and walk around.

And remember that more people pass than fail. Don't focus on how many questions you get. Just chill and do the best you can! Good luck to our future RN!

thanks alot but i failed two times and i am going crazy , i want a review to help me pass ,

ugh...it's such a confidence killer to fail. PM me, I may be able to help.

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There are many tips on review in the NCLEX forum. Most people are successful using the Saunders Comprehensive Review.

thanks alot , i think i will go with saunders ..... and try my luck this time