Wallpaper or scrubs?

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Lots of colorful scrubs nowadays. However, sometimes I think we've gone too far. Wallpaper or scrubs? Hmmm....what do you think?

I would prefer a plain colored scrub. It looks clean and neat.

I prefer plain. But, some of the pattern ones are so pretty. Yet, I don't *feel* professional in them. I would go back to all whites again too.

The students at my university wear these beautiful royal blue scrubs, solid color. Love 'em! Can't wait to get mine!

When my grandmother worked, she had seasonal scrubs. They were so cute.

I like plain scrubs. But the whites? Not happening...

I wore a patterned scrub top to work one day a few months ago. Brand new. A pt actually said, "What a pretty top....it would make a nice wallcovering." She must have noticed the expression on my face, because she started explaining that it was actually a complement, but yah, not so sure....Never wore that top again. :( . After that I decided to go back to mostly all solids. Looks more professional I think.

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Now I wear solid teal colored scrubs that are the standard scrubs for the surgery center where I work.

When I worked in the hospital I wore solid and/or print scrubs. I liked Dickies and wore solid color scrub sets most of the time. Sometimes I would change it up and add a dickies print top or a Disney brand scrub top. (Please note the Disney themed avatar. ;) )

I also had a few holiday themed scrub tops, mainly for Christmas. I had a few spring color/floral patterned tops and some with a darker winter/fall theme. When you live in scrubs it's nice to have a little variety.

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I like both depending on my mood (or clean clothing!). I have been trending more towards solids here lately though. Proper fit counts way more for professionalism than design IMO.

I'm fine with either. Whatever gets you through your day.

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I have some patterns but I have to be careful. Being a little on the larger side some busy patterns make me look like an upholstered couch.

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