Voluntary surrender of license good or bad idea?

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Any insight on this it sounds too good to be tru than I google it and it looks like I will never get my license back?

I think just about everyone here will tell you to ask a lawyer since it varies so much state to state

From what I have seen discussed in the past, surrender the license and it is gone. I would not do this unless I was certain I never wanted to deal with this line of work again. However, there is another consideration. You might be asked in the future if you have ever had an adverse event (surrendered, had revoked, had disciplined, whatever) a professional license. Any professional license. Giving in to an adverse event concerning your nursing license could have the lasting effect of preventing you from getting future employment that does not even involve nursing. I would think long and hard about the decision to voluntarily surrender a license when dealing with licensing issues.

I surrendered my license instead of having suspension. I was on probation, got in trouble for noncompliance (since I was unable to meet the terms of my agreement r/t my high risk pregnancy). The agreement was 1 year suspension which meant i couldn't work but still had to do everything like drug testing, pay fines, meetings and classes etc. Since I was not able to do that I surrendered. Once you surrender you cant get it back for 1 year. (Or whatever the length of time they tell you) once that time is up, you send a request to have your license reinstated. (They told me that would take up to 6 weeks which turned into over a year) still worth it though, as I couldn't comply with susoension) once your license is reinstated you will have a new consent agreement with probation. To me, it was worth it bc being noncompliant again would have cost me alot more I'm sure. While you're license is surrendered you obviously cant work as a nurse, but you also dont have to do anything for the board.....ANYTHING!! it takes the place if suspension and doesn't cost you a dime.

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