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Hello Nurse Beth,

My Wisconsin RN nursing license was revoked seven years ago by Arizona Board of nursing. The reason for my revocation was due a criminal conviction of DUI, and two felony possession of Marijuana charges that were both dismissed.

Both possession of Marijuana charges have been expunged off of my record. I would like to start the process of getting my RN license reinstated. Is there any information you can provide me, that will successfully guide me through the process of getting reinstated? Are there any attorneys you can recommend that can successfully help me get reinstated?

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Dear Reinstated,

Definitely get an attorney. I recommend TAANA (The American Association of Nurse Attorneys) as a start to finding an attorney familiar with the Wisconsin BON.

Check out the Licensure: Criminal History and the Nurses Recovery forums as well for help and information from your colleagues.

note: Expunged records are discoverable by state BONs and BRNs.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth