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I am a high school student and want to become a nurse. I have been told that vol. work looks great on your record, but I don't know what I should get involved in. I am in Student Government but we do absolutly nothing conserning medical except for, the nursing home and feed the hungry on holidays.

My boyfriend is on the Vol. Fire Department and almost 85% of their calls are medical, so I thought maybe that would be good.

Do you have any advice???????

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Hello Megan...nice name! :)

What is it that you aspire to be in your life...career wise? If you want to be a nurse someday, volunteer as a Candy Striper at the hospital or nursing home (or both). Don't follow in someone else's "volunteer path" unless that is a path you desire to follow in your life. So...what do you want to do with your life, Megan? :)


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My whole life there was always people in my family who worked in the medical feild and in my heart I always knew that is what I wanted to do. I love kids. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters(diff. homes) So I have always been with kids. So I thought maybe a childrens clinic.

I just moved in with my father and my mother and step father are very.........Mad. And they both work at our hospital so the Candy Striper is something that would be a lillte harder to do because I would run into them alot(that wont be good, trust me) but I didnt know that they had Candy Stripers at the nursing home! And I will look in to that! There is a nursing home right up the rode from me, so that would be great!

Thank you so much!


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Whether you work with people or animals you can volunteer and it shows you care. I happened to look at your profile because of your username---I'm into agriculture too. At any rate you can volunteer at the SPCA, or a riding ranch for the disabled there are many opportunities. I did not volunteer before my getting my degree though. Good Luck and have fun!


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Hi Megan,

We have volunteers at the hospital during the summer called "Go-Getters". They are high school kids and they are assigned all over the hospital. They really seem to enjoy themselves and it DOES look good on a resume or college application. It is also a good idea to do this if you are interested in a healthcare related career because you will be exposed to the various professions as a volunteer and can ask people about their jobs.

Good luck!


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Thank you!


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volunteering not only "looks good" on a resume, but is a great way to experience caring! you will learn SO MUCH and get back AT LEAST whatever you put into it. i wish you luck...you sound like a mature lady with a good head on her shoulders......EXACTLY what we need in a new nurse! keep us updated on what you decide, megan! good luck!


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Well debbi, I really think I am going to look into the candy striper at the nursing home, just because there are so many around here. I know that there is a "handi-cap ranch" Somewhere around here and I really want to look into it. I would have never thought that. But I think I will have to do it net summer if I ever do find it?!?!? Anywho! Thank you so much!


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you will do well, whatever you decide, Megan. That is a stong instinct i have about you. you are too smart not to. best of luck!


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:) does my volunteer work in a nursing home back in the 80's count? also, are there ever any nursery volunteers at the hospital?

Megan, good luck in your search!!! :)


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I believe that volunteer work is very important and shows a little something about WHO a person is and what they stand for.


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Depending on the size of your community, just about ANY non-profit organization will accept volunteers, but their has to be an agency liaison in order for the agency to feel comfortable. Good agency liaisons include church youth groups, school organizations and community based organizations. In our community, we have an agency called "volunteer connection" and they connect would-be volunteers to jobs. Look for something similar in your community. Also, don't overlook your own school system. If they have a summer school program, perhaps you could mentor younger children. Summer school programs can use a responsible teen to listen to a younger child read or just give other hands-on support to challenged learners. If you aren't a great math student, don't worry! It's 3rd or 4 th grade math were talking about. Schools often have volunteer coordinators and that would be a good point of contact.

In our community, teens volunteer to help at the local library to run the community summer reading program.

At the high school I most recently worked at, we had a volunteer program called "Breakfast Buddies". During the school year, high school students went to a grade school that was a "feeder" school to our HS and ate breakfast with one kid (usually selected by a counselor or recommended by a teacher). Then, the breakfast buddy child would come and sit with the teen at a HS football game AND they would go bowling in the spring. Some kids had their breakfast buddy for multiple years in a row. This is a popular school year volunteer program in our hs.

Even if your community doesn't have a volunteer referral agency don't forget nursing homes, food banks (you'll tote cans of food and maybe interact with users) and the school.

Good luck.

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