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To all of you that hope to work in the US:

1. Complete Visa Screen paperwork as soon as possible. This will be a requirement starting in July, so think how much busier CGFNS is going to get.

2. Whoever tells you not to worry about English, just go to California and take the NCLEX exam, is 100% wrong. Sure, you can get a license but none of the hospitals are hiring without you being able to pass your English exams. Especially the "Speaking" section. Unless your idea of working in the US is to be doing something other than being a nurse. Plus then you would no longer have 2 years of current work experience.

3. So please keep all of this in mind when you decide to listen to a recruiter. You should come first, not putting money in their pockets. Think of what you really want to be doing....................

4. Finally, in order to get a Visa Screen certificate to take to the Embassy, you must have English skills equivalent to that of a native speaker. It can be done, but you will have to put the time and effort into it.

Good luck to all of you and may you be successful in your goals.


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Does it necessary for all nurses to get the visa screen by CGFNS before July, 2004? May I get it done only by my employer and lawyer? I wholeheartedly don't want to get involve with CGFNS anymore. They have already waste me almost $300 and lots and lots of time!

suzanne4, RN

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You must initiate the paperwork for it. Your employer may reimburse you for it but you need to complete it. No one else can do it for you. If you have already completed all of your other requirments, then CGFNS should already have most of the necessary documents. If you have a more detailed question please send me a PM to protect your privacy.


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I passed the CGFNS Exam in March 2002, the NCLEX-RN in Sept. 2002.

My goal is to find a Neuro ICU in the USA which give me the opportunity to work there for four month. Do I need the Visa Screen for this? I really don`t like to deal again with the CGFNS, I don`t want to ruin my nerves.


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One Word YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

suzanne4, RN

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You must complete Visa Screen if you want a paying position. No way around it. You must also complete the series of English exams, no way around it unless you trained in English in an exempt country.


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Hello Suzanne,

Hope all is well and the sun is shining :)))

An idea came to my mind and i wanted to ask what you think about it.

The state of Arizona doesn't require CES. and i think there are other states that don't require that service. So i was thinking: can i just file the Visa Screen(which does an evaluation of the educational background) and then go to US and take the NCLEX exam?

Have you had any cases when a nurse can by-pass the CGFNS Qualifying exam?

THanks a lot.

suzanne4, RN

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Most states do not require CES. There are only five states in the US that do not require the CGFNS exam currently. However, if you go to California, and after one year decide that you want to move to another state, you will be required to take CGFNS at that time, as you will not have two years work experience as an RN in the US. In order to take the NCLEX in the US you must qualify for a tourist visa. To get a green card you can take either CGFNS or NCLEX and the English exams. In order to get a sponsor for your green card application they would like you to have as much done as possible and as early as you can. It is up to you which way that you want to go but with CGFNS you will be able to work much faster and have more of a variety to select from. Second problem, most nurses are wanting to go to California because they do not need CGFNS, however, California has the longest backlog on processing applications for a visa. Last I heard that at the beginning of March they were still processing those that were submitted last September. So for wanting a green card to work in California you are looking at probably a year or more, other states can be much quicker because they don't have the same number of people.

Let me know what you decide to do. :balloons:

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I have just passed my NCLEX and with comment to Rodi I am going to be working in Phoenix and for my applications I have had to get CES, I am just starting the process for visa screening with CGFNS. I am now hoping and my recruiter has told me that is should happen that my husband and myself should be in the AZ by christmas. Just come back from Phoenix, have a job to go to and cannot wait.



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the cgfns has now a new website for the producst , BUT NOT DOING GOOD IN THE PRODUCTS BEING PURCHASE BY NURSES.


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Hi all,

I was reading this thread and then went to the cgfns website to apply for visa screen now rather than later as we plan to be moving to usa in about 18 months time and I thought visa screen was good for 2 years from application to its completion by nclex pass. However when I signed in and clicked on purchase visa screen is came up with a note saying please be aware after 1st May 2006 visa screen is only valid for 1 year, so you only have 1 year from application to completing the required elements to have the certificate issued not 2, it did say thought you can apply for an extension for another year but this is at an extra cost.

Is this right Suzanne? Has it changed?

Ruth x

suzanne4, RN

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Things have just changed, a few weeks ago. It is never a good idea to apply this far out form the exam, esapecially when you do not know what you need to make up, or if you need to.

In your case, do not until you at least get approval from CGFNS on the CES, or get the needed hours completed.

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