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okay this is a bit of fun - click the links on the page below to perform open heart surgery warning - it is not as easy as it looks - ended up having to call a lawyer!!!!:roll

virtual surgery


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Oh ineptitude has ended a patient's life! I'll stick to oncology, thank you very much!!


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I had to call 3 lawyers!!!


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My lawyer calls me slasher! LOL!

FranEMTnurse, CNA, LPN, EMT-I

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I had to call a lawyer too.

Thanks for this link Gwenith. I shall be playing future games with it.

gwenith, BSN, RN

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Glad everyone enjoyed it!!

Teacher Sue

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I did fine until I had to suture the skin, then I messed up and had to call my lawyer. I never could sew.

nurseygrrl, LPN

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That was so cool! Had to call my lawyer :o I guess that's why I'm a nurse and not a surgeon! :)


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Who wants to be a heart surgeon anyway? Based on that little exercise, I imagine their in through the roof. No wonder they're so ill-tempered!


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If you do it on intern its not so bad :rotfl:

Now, specialist.... Well, I'll pass that one over to my father :D


bellehill, RN

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Great post and link! From the sounds of things I would rather be a lawyer!


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Oh my gosh that was so fun, but i had to call my lawyer like 4 times. Did anyone get it right. lol this was a fun thing to do.

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