that Pearson Vue trick...

  1. it 100% accurate? I'm dying here! Took the NCLEX today (all 265 questions, FYI!) and didn't know about the trick until a friend told me, but I'm pretty skeptical about it...SO nervous waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   iheartPN11
    it worked for me, I took my test at 1 pm got home at 5pm and tried it and wouldn't let me. called VA license hotline in the morning and I had a license!
  4. by   mikeicurn
    It worked for me for both my LPN and RN license.
  5. by   worf
    what is this trick??
  6. by   registered_nerdCW
    Worked for me too in the parking lot of the testing center. Wouldn't let me re-register; had a license the next AM.
  7. by   cook78
    It really works. I could not get my NCLEX results from BON/DHP hotline or website for 8 days and every time I tried to register the good pop-up wouldn't allow me to go to the credit card page. When I checked the mail after 8 days, my license was there!

    Eight days after taking the test, the database at DHP was being updated when I checked that morning. If you don't get an answer right away, don't despair! I left the test site convinced I had failed and then couldn't find out online or by phone. But the PV Trick worked the entire 8 days!
  8. by   FinnyBooBoo71
    It worked for me too. I got the good pop up and quick results confirmed a couple days later. That same day I received a license # and letter from BON.
  9. by   navylynn
    It worked for me too... within the first hour I was able to receive the "good" pop up
  10. by   winnieyippooh
    I took mine on 6/20/2012, got all 265 questions and completely freaked out. Did the trick 3 hours after the exam and got the good pop up. And I did pass, the trick worked for me.
  11. by   tapylooe
    Can some one please tell me what te trick is? Took my Nclex today and the pop up read as follows:"Our record indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member board for further assistance. Another result ration cannot be made at this time"".Is this the Good pop up everyone is talking about? Please guys help me, I am going crazy and can't stop crying of fear.
  12. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    Yes, this is the good one. If it had directed you to enter a CC number, that's the "bad" one
  13. by   tapylooe
    Quote from ColleenRN2B
    Yes, this is the good one. If it had directed you to enter a CC number, that's the "bad" one
    Thank you RN Colleen. Today is the first day after my Nclex. Hopefully I find my name tomorrow on the BON website for California
  14. by   cindjo717
    I am happy to announce that I passed my NCLEX-PN! Also that the trick worked for me. When I signed into Pearson Vue straight after I got home from testing this past Wed. I got the pop up that said something like " you can't register for this exam at this time, you have already registered please contact your state board of nursing." So it does work. I was skeptical because some people posted that they got a different message that included that "you have already passed this exam" so I was doubtful. I guess either one of these two pop ups is "the good pop up" YAY!!!

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