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iheartPN11 has 12 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Physician practice.

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  1. Family Practice - overworked

    I have been an office nurse for over 7 years now and recently (2 months ago) transferred within the same organization to a different practice that was closer to my home. Well needless to say it is not working out at all! Every week there is a nurse c...
  2. LPN new grad....What is the job market like?

    well first I really think it matters where you are located,lol.because some areas still utilize LPNs and some do not.
  3. Georgia License Denial-Clock Hours

    Well I know one girl that was in my class (in VA) we graduated and on one of our last days the Admin told her that her License would not transfer to Georgia. I can't remember why, but I think they said the only way to get one in georgia is to work in...
  4. LPN/OB tech

    It's Going great! I love it, it is alot to learn and take in, but you stay busy and that is what I like! I feel like I'm back in school because I am learning so much. So far the RNs are nice, they are teaching me and we all work as a team. I think th...
  5. LPN/OB tech

    Thanks, today is my first day, I'm nervous!
  6. What color scrubs do you wear?

    At the hospital I work at, Nurses (RN & LPN) wear Navy blue and/or white, techs/CNAs wear Hunter Green and then there are color codes for different departments like lab is red and black, RT is maroon, etc.
  7. what degree do we recieve after finishing lvn/lpn program

    I like hazelLPN have a diploma
  8. Excited to become an LPN

    don't really have any words of wisdom.. but just stay strong and focused! Good luck and I hope it goes well for you! :)
  9. Cancelling me?!

    oh wow... sorry this has happened.... around here(northern VA) LTC is busy almost always.... so I hope things look better for you. I do not work in LTC, but I have plenty of friends that do and I have not heard of this. & I had no idea that they...
  10. last day wearing green is Saturday!

    awesome.... best of luck to you!
  11. last day wearing green is Saturday!

    So I have landed my first LPN position with the organization I have been with for over 3 years! I'm so excited, I thought for sure I was gonna have to leave. Now I can finally get rid of these hunter green scrubs & rock some navy blue:)
  12. Shoes

    thanks to whoever or whatever moved my post, cause I had no idea about this forum for nursing gear,etc.
  13. LPN/OB tech

    yes at the hospital I am at LPNs are Ob techs, Babyktchr pretty much nailed it on the head, lol, as far as what LPNs do in L&D. I Love staying busy, when I did my clinicals there for school everyone (RNs, LPNs & hucs) was steady busy, I think...
  14. Shoes

    Ok......... So I'm about to start my 1st LPN position! I'm excited & nervous. I will be working In L&D. I have been with company for over 3 years but I sat for about 50% of my shift, this position I know I will not... Does anybody use a pair ...
  15. LPN/OB tech

    So I just found out that I got the LPN/OB tech position. I am so excited!! I have been with this company for over 3 years (working in EKG), but didn't think I would find a job within, because the hospital does not really hire LPNs. I consider myself ...