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I have been an office nurse for over 7 years now and recently (2 months ago) transferred within the same organization to a different practice that was closer to my home. Well needless to say it is not working out at all! Every week there is a nurse calling out or being sent to help out at another clinic. The clinic is poorly managed to say the least. There is no replacement or extra help when this occurs. So, I went to the office manager on Wednesday and expressed my concerns about the structure of the clinic and feeling stressed and overworked. The meeting really didn't go anywhere and she just said thank you for your concern.

Well then the next day I find out that again the office manager volunteered a nurse to go over to help out another office next week for the WHOLE week. So clearly what I expressed does not matter. The point I'm getting at is I love the organization I am with there is great benefits, etc. But I am not happy by any means at this location. Unfortunately policy is you have to be with your current position for 6 months before you can transfer again. So I need advice should I stick it out? or just start looking for another opportunity?

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Yes to both questions.

But don't jump out of the frying pan only to land in the fire (as my gramma says).

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I think stick it out. 6 mos goes by quickly and if that ensures a better employee record for you, then I would try to stay until then.

I don't know the specialty you are in and also, easier said then done, but....

Unless someone is critical or tilting on the edge of critical, just try to slow down as far as feeling pressure and do your best. Just try to work your priorities and flow with your work. If everything is not done, then so be it. The fact that we nurses run like crazy and manage somehow to get the work done, allows the managers to get away with short-staffing.

Just some thoughts without knowing the details of your work...Good luck!

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Go to your managers boss and express your concerns. If your practice manager (who is probably not clinical) isn't going to support you, then go above her head. Document everything you told you manager and all the issues you see.