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  1. I am on a private duty case that is awesome. Love the work, have handled an emergency and also made helpful observations about the patient that the Dr. appreciated. Of course a problem has to arise and this is one I don't know how to solve. The nurse on the other shift started leaving rude notes for me and family members and documenting total lies about rashes and inflammations that did not exist. Family members and I conferred on the false documentation and noted it in the clinical notes. She then wrote a doctor order for an OTC med, wrote it into the MAR, left a note ordering me to administer the med and never faxed the doctor for confirmation. Of course I did not administer the med. I phoned the agency twice and no one called back. I left a message stating that I was concerned and that it involved giving OTC meds with no doctor order. This is a rural area without many PDN's available and the patient's family have been through several and gone weeks at a time with none, so they are reluctant to dismiss any nurses. It has become obvious to me in the last couple of weeks that this PDN is bringing the patient to her home and also trying keep the patient overnight and bill for two day shifts. ( Also trying to get my shift switched around to accomodate her. ) She is documenting care that is clearly not taking place. The patient requires certain equipment for their care and it has not been moved. There is other definate proof of this. A family member has told me what a great day the patient has had at that nurses house, several times when I report on. The patient has medical kits for use in an emergency that were always kept in the same place. I discovered them missing and asked where they were and the family assured me they would "find" them. They reappeared the next day, but what if I hadn't noticed them missing and had an emergency ? Other less essential supplies are not there anymore. Now what ? This situation feels like an accident waiting to happen. If I finally get someone at the agency to talk with me, will anything change since they won't even return calls after I leave a detailed message? Do I notify The Board Of Health Professions in my state, notify Medicaid ? I also will hate to lose this case. Any action I take will probably destroy my chances of keeping this case, the whistleblower seems to always get blamed along with the wrongdoer. She has of course also laid traps to get me in trouble, like telling me in a personal note to give the OTC med with no doctor order. For the sake of time and space I haven't even begun to include all the infractions this nurse has done, but as I say I am becoming worried about something going very wrong and I don't want this patient having complications or getting sick on my shift because of something that may have taken place off site. Getting another case is a possibility, but that will take time in this area and I need to keep working to survive. Cases are as scarce as nurses where I live. Thank You in advance for any advice.
  2. cook78

    How To Get Trache and Vent Experience

    Thank You all very much for answering me. All of the information you shared is very helpful, I especially appreciate the warnings about not taking cases that I am not experienced enough to handle alone. I am definately going to ask the staff RN at the next meeting if I can go with one of the nurses who have trach/vent cases. Thanks so much everyone for the help :)
  3. I currently work for an agency and have cases with ap monitors, oximeters and g-tubes but would like to add experience with traches and vents. Where do you gain this experience when you are not employed at an institution ? I had trache and vent training during clinicals and one respite case with a Lindemann Trache but it is not considered enough experience for my agency to train me on traches and vents. How do other agency nurses get trache and vent experience ?
  4. cook78

    Unemployed & inexperienced New RNs. Vent it out!

    @marcos9999 : Have you even read what most of us have been saying on this thread? Who/what is 3rnet.org? It is just an email site as far as I can see, you need to tell us who we are sending our personal email addresses to and perhaps I will contact them. Do they have a website? I have already applied to hospitals in my own state as well as seven other states. I have friends or family I can live with until I find my own apartment. I also happen to have friends with family in North Dakota that I can possibly stay with. Sooooo what are the names of these hospitals in North Dakota that are hiring new grad nurses "right over the phone", we "just have to be able to get there"? Trinity-Minot had nothing for new grads, and also don't mention telephone interviews. Which hospitals in North Dakota are you referring to? I've also been applying to small rural hospitals. I've been applying to small rural nursing homes too. I prefer to work in long term care. As I said in my post, I live in farm country. Even in farm country the nursing homes want RN BSN's with at least 1 year of experience. I've applied to the lowest budget nursing homes and rehabs and was interviewed. The interviews went terrific, but... I not only had to call them back only to be told I was "not the candidate they selected", I saw the same job re-posted several times and contacted them each time to see if they would consider hiring me. This has happened several times. There are no nursing jobs for new grads. Only nursing schools seem to be claiming that there is a nursing shortage. Are you sure you don't work for one?
  5. cook78

    Unemployed & inexperienced New RNs. Vent it out!

    @marcos9999: Relocation is no problem. Tell me the name of the hospital/s and I will apply/complete a profile today. I am desperate to keep my nursing skills active.
  6. cook78

    Unemployed & inexperienced New RNs. Vent it out!

    Could this be part of the No New Grads problem ? http://www.aha.org/content/12/12sep-bcaeconimpact.pdf It could be affecting other healthcare jobs as well.
  7. cook78

    Unemployed & inexperienced New RNs. Vent it out!

    Appreciate the symps Crunch, thank you.
  8. cook78

    Unemployed & inexperienced New RNs. Vent it out!

    I graduated from an LPN program 18 months ago. Got my NCLEX on the first try. I wanted to work in LTC where I had been a CNA for over 2 years. I have excellent references from supervisors as well as residents and their families from my employment in LTC.I have applied for only a few hospital positions out of desperation because LTC now wants nurses to have an RN BSN and at least 1 year of experience. Hospitals are the same. There seems to be a No New Grads policy wherever I go. When I read on other nursing sites and here that there are all these nursing jobs for new grads and to just keep an open mind, don't be picky, keep applying... I am convinced that those who claim they had jobs right out of school, must either work for a nursing school or have job connections. The only person from my graduating class that walked right into a hospital job has family members who already work in that hospital system. Nursing schools want to stay in business so of course they're going to keep claiming that there is a "nursing shortage". Good thing I am an excellent chef or I would be totally unemployed. If I ever get a nursing job I am going to have to attend a refresher course. I haven't been around any nursing skills in a year and a half. How safe is this going to be for patients? Volunteering is not really an option when you live in farm country and would have to drive 63 miles to the nearest Red Cross. And at todays gas prices. Yes, the local hospital has some volunteer options that are not nursing oriented in any way and that is 28 miles away.I just spent $75.00 renewing my BLS for Healthcare Provider and I don't know why. I guess if someone at the restaurant has a heart attack they'll be lucky that the chef is also an LPN?
  9. cook78

    that Pearson Vue trick...

    It really works. I could not get my NCLEX results from BON/DHP hotline or website for 8 days and every time I tried to register the good pop-up wouldn't allow me to go to the credit card page. When I checked the mail after 8 days, my license was there! Eight days after taking the test, the database at DHP was being updated when I checked that morning. If you don't get an answer right away, don't despair! I left the test site convinced I had failed and then couldn't find out online or by phone. But the PV Trick worked the entire 8 days!
  10. cook78


    Congratulations!!! Took PNCLEX yesterday and did the PVTrick. I got the good pop-up so I am waiting nervously. Hope my name appears on the BON website before the weekend.
  11. I have done a couple clinical rotations there, it seems like a pretty laidback place. I have been told by other new grad lpns to be prepared for a "behavioral" style of interview. You may be able to look this up online. LPN 2010 ( I think it was 2010 ) had an article called How To Ace Your Behavioral Interview. This may not happen to you, but I would prepare just in case. The interviewer will ask questions such as "Tell me about a time when someone was compassionate to you". I would bring copies of any certifications such as your BLS, or any comendations you may have recieved at a prior job, your nursing and or high school transcript/s, all neatly placed in a three-ring binder for your potential employer to be able to quickly look through. ( I always state at the time that I can provide originals if necessary.) I would also have a few questions on hand to ask your employer #1 because you need to know about the place you will be working, #2 I think it indicates to the employer that you intend to stay for awhile, and want to be happy at your job. You may want to review your psych meds just to be comfortable with the names in case they are brought up during the interview. Dominion has a few different units such as pedriatric, adult, adult outpatient, eating disorders etc. you may be able to find out more at their website. I really liked the staff there a LOT! Good luck, I hope you get the job.:)