Affordable CNA training in Northern VA?

  1. I am doing my pre-reqs for NOVA nursing program and I have no prior hospital experience. I am trying to get a job at hospital setting. However, I find this to be extremely difficult at times like this and also the fact that I have no license/certifications doesn't help either. I thought the best way I could get a job at a hospital is by achieving the CNA license.. (maybe not?). I realized NOVA's CNA program is gone and I am now trying to find an affordable place. Does CNA training program exist anywhere under $1000?! I heard that there are some senior care places that train the workers to become that true?

    If trying to be a CNA is not a good move, what else can I do to get a clinical job at a hospital??

    Thank you so much
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  3. by   missprenurseylou
    Hi Ehlim412,
    You mentioned that NOVAs CNA program was discontinued. I just checked their website as I was thinking about doing the same thing you're doing, and noticed that they have classes through late summer. Here's the link in case you weren't able to find it. I too don't have any medical background but wanted to get my foot in the door and make sure this is the right choice for me before I pursue the nursing program.
  4. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Check with some of the vocational and technical high schools in your area. Here in Charlottesville, the local school offers a CNA training program (1-2 months long, depending on how ofter it meets). The tuition is $635.

    Good luck
  5. by   TylerMichelle
    My company is looking to hire CNAS in Northern VA. Though we prefer to find someone w/ some experience, we may train if we find the right person. Something like this may be an option to you. Let me know if you are interested.

  6. by   kiettabear
    In the Norfolk,Va area if you didn't want to start off takng CNA classes,there are jobs that teach you to become a PCA(Personal Care Aide)and it's a 2 week training class and you do more in home personal care(bathing,feeding,dressing)if you want to get your foot in the door to healthcare,a PCA is quite close to doing what CNA's do but CNA is more clinical in VA. Let me know if you need further info. Goodluck -Also the 2 week class $50,it depend where u go
  7. by   nurseshe2010
    Germanna offers the CNA classes every semester. There are a total of 3 classes to get the certificate. I spoke the instructor and she says that if you take HCT 101-102 (2 of the 3 classes that are needed for the certificate) you can sit for the state board exam. The summer session is in the evening from 4 p-6:45 p. It runs from June 8-July 31. I'm taking it this summer. Germanna also has a good reputation. I hope this helps
  8. by   Jasmine777
    I think working as a CNA while in nursing school is a good idea, as it will give you hands-on experience with clients and a taste of what is like to work in a health care environment. If you are looking for a training program at a nursing home I would recommend choosing one in your area from Community colleges tend to be pricey and to focus less on clinical practice than do long-term care facilities. It is ultimately up to you to choose a program that fits you best.
  9. by   ehlim412
    Thank you everyone for your kind replies! I've learned a lot of information.

    @ TylerMichelle.
    I am interested in finding out more about your company. Could you please give me more info if you are still looking for people? I'd love to gain valuable experience as a CNA although I do not have experience.
  10. by   may1703
    Loudoun Nursing & Rehabiliation in Leesburg offers CNA training, I actually went through the class last October. They are affiliated with the INOVA system and charge approximately $300 I think. They only offer classes two or three times a year though. It might be a good idea to give them a call to check. Good luck!
  11. by   DesireeN
    I was curious to know if you thought the CNA program at Germanna was good? And can you do financial aid through them for this course? Years ago you were able to go to practically any nursing home and get free training. Now I can't find anyone offering free classes, and I just do not have the funds to shell out $500+. Anyone know of any place in Orange, Culpeper, Charlottesville, or even Fburg offering free classes at a nursing home?
  12. by   tring520
    The American Red Cross in Alexandria is now offering CNA training. Right now they're offering day classes M-F from about 8a-4p. I forgot how long the program lasts (maybe 6-8 weeks?).

    You may want to check with other Red Cross chapters and see if they're offering the same program.
  13. by   sunrise_beauty88
    I am a 1 year LPN student trying to become a CNA while i finish up school. I do not have my certification or licensure as a CNA. But since i was in nursing school i have had 60 hours of clinical experience and i dont know if i would be able to challenge one of the facilities here in Virginia to see if i can obtain CNA certification or at least be able to take the classes for free. i have medical terminology and cpr. what should i do?!?!??!??!
  14. by   erec
    Hi Tyler, does your company still train CNAs? Please provide more information about your company and training options/opportunities. Thanks, Erec