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  1. tring520

    Periop RN marketability

    I've had coworkers who started out as new grads transfer to the ICU, NICU, L&D, NP school, etc. It's not impossible. That's the beauty of nursing - you can go anywhere. It depends on the hospital and glowing recommendations from your managers, directors, even docs.
  2. tring520

    Patient charges

    We are required to charge for everything we open. Whether it be gloves, hypos, skin staplers...anything that was opened and used for the case we charge for it. It's very tedious!
  3. tring520

    ACLS for the OR nurse?

    I work in a 22 OR Level III hospital. Our nurses are only required to be BLS certified. The hospital will pay for ACLS classes, but management has to approve it.
  4. tring520

    What kind of surgeon performs fingernail surgery?

    A hand surgeon. I've seen toenail surgery done by a podiatrist. It took about 10 minutes.
  5. tring520

    Tissue Tracking

    I'm a new nurse in the Operating Room and just completed my orientation. I was wondering how tissue tracking was done in other hospitals. I feel like our method of tissue tracking is very tedious. We have to sign in and out of a binder who took the tissue, who witnessed you taking the tissue, etc. Then we enter in all the information in the patient's record, and take a sticker from the tissue box and place it on a separate sheet of paper with the patient's information. I just feel like there could be an easier way.
  6. tring520

    OR reference textbooks?

    Ask your nurse educator if he/she has books on hand that you can borrow. My nurse educator had Berry & Kohn's Operating Room Technique that she let my fellow interns and I borrow during our orientation. I prefer Alexander's Care of the Patient because it is more detailed as far as anatomy and various surgeries. It also has better illustrations and pictures.