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  1. kiettabear

    Pca(personal care aide)

    es anyone know if there are jobs in the hospitals or assisted living facility looking for PCA'S in Hampton Roads,Va,or Charlottesville,Va? I'm not seeing many jobs in a facility because i've worked in seniors homes where i have to drive day to day to clients homes and provide personal care and it's hard on the gas, so any info would be helpful.
  2. kiettabear

    Affordable CNA training in Northern VA?

    In the Norfolk,Va area if you didn't want to start off takng CNA classes,there are jobs that teach you to become a PCA(Personal Care Aide)and it's a 2 week training class and you do more in home personal care(bathing,feeding,dressing)if you want to get your foot in the door to healthcare,a PCA is quite close to doing what CNA's do but CNA is more clinical in VA. Let me know if you need further info. Goodluck -Also the 2 week class $50,it depend where u go