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  1. missprenurseylou

    Why are these classmates such morons?

    Just wait till it's time for the first exam...hopefully they'll quiet down and start paying more attention then. I had somewhat of a similar issue with some of my classmates and just chose to sit with the less chatty ones.
  2. missprenurseylou

    Should I start off as CNA or Medical Assitant.. need advice!

    I second that. I'm finishing up a CNA course myself and have learned so much about basic patient care, which also helps me feel more confident about making the decision to go to NS. My area in particular also seems to have quite a few jobs available,...
  3. missprenurseylou

    teas test help PLEASE

    I haven't taken the exam yet (hopefully will do so next month), but I've been studying from the McGraw Hill study guide and have found that pretty helpful. It breaks everything down for you and tells you only what you should need to know. I read on a...
  4. missprenurseylou

    this just upsets me..

    Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. I had the complete opposite experience....I waited till the very last day and was able to get a slot at my local CC. Granted the course is pretty expensive, but it was convenient for me. I'd like to think that everything ...
  5. missprenurseylou

    NVCC Accelerated Classes/Semesters

    There are also a handful of sites where you can 'rent' textbooks for the semester. I just did a google search and came across chegg.com, collegebookrenter.com, and campusbookrentals.com just to name a few. I for one like to keep my books on the off c...
  6. missprenurseylou

    HESI Admission Assessment Test for Nursing School

    Ufqueen, This link "should" work. Just change the [dot] to actual . If it doesn't work, please let me know.... http://www[dot]transferbigfiles[dot]com/Get.aspx?id=3f4c065e-74d3-46af-b2c9-38f70718fe46
  7. missprenurseylou

    NVCC Program Curriculum

    Hi Flames, I'd love to take the Psych Nursing and Test Success books off your hands. Thanks so much for offering these up. I'm not yet in the program but would love to read it for "fun" (lets hope I'm this driven once I do get into the program ). I d...
  8. missprenurseylou

    HESI Admission Assessment Test for Nursing School

    Hi Girlynurse, I was able to snag a copy from another thread. Its a huge file but I can still send it. I think I have your email addy from the notification I received before the admin deleted it . Just let me know if you still need it. I've started ...
  9. missprenurseylou

    Anybody applying to NVCC Fall 09?

    Hi GretchenT, Congrats on starting the process..it is a long one. I just wanted to offer my unsolicited advice on the NAS class. I just looked at the course description and from what I can tell you'd be learning all the same things in NAS150 that you...
  10. missprenurseylou

    NOVA Accelerated/Traditional program ???

    I just wanted to clarify something. I started to panic when I read your response, and emailed the MedEd campus. They just responded with this... "The 10 year requirement applies to the high school biology, not the chemistry." Although I will say a C...
  11. missprenurseylou

    NVCC Prospective Nursing Students

    Hi Future RN, I don't know how to PM, but I think you have to have a certain number of posts before you can do so. I've only responded to a few so I don't have that option yet. Congrats on getting into Phlebotomy. I'm actually in the evening CNA pro...
  12. missprenurseylou

    NVCC Prospective Nursing Students

    Hi, I'm planning on applying to the '10 Accelerated In-Person program. I'm completing the last of my pre-reqs this Fall and plan to sit for the TEAS either later this year or in spring since I won't have any classes. Good luck
  13. missprenurseylou

    HESI Admission Assessment Test for Nursing School

    Hi, I too would love a copy of the PDF study guide. Anyway it can actually be posted to this forum?
  14. missprenurseylou

    Affordable CNA training in Northern VA?

    Hi Ehlim412, You mentioned that NOVAs CNA program was discontinued. I just checked their website as I was thinking about doing the same thing you're doing, and noticed that they have classes through late summer. Here's the link http://www.nvcc.edu/me...