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Very concerned

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I'm in my senior year of high school, and it just now hit me that I don't know what I'll do if I don't get accepted into nursing school. I got my transcript from my guidance counselor and am very distressed. I have a cumulative GPA of 2.73. I do not think that I am going to be accepted by any programs, and that is very difficult for me to deal with.

I changed schools last year before the year began (to a vocational school) and am in an EMT program. We take National Registry in December and get certified when we turn 18 (if we pass). My grades are much better now (I got a 3.52 for the year), and I am at the top of my class for EMT, but I only had three real classes (Anatomy/Physiology, Algebra, English) in addition to my lab (the EMT):

ALGEBRA II: A overall

ENGLISH: High B overall, A on final

A&P: High B overall, A on final

This year I only have senior Algebra and English in addition to the EMT, and I haven't been able to take chemistry (and I got a C- overall in biology my second year of high school). My mom has yet to sign me up for the ACT (she's the one who talked to me about nursing, but I think she doesn't really believe in me), so I don't have test scores.

Anyways, I am wondering what you all think. I want to go to Ursuline College and get a BSN. Is there any hope for me being admitted as a pre-nursing student or on academic probation if I complete my EMT and get good test scores? Will nursing schools take into account that I went from a 2.1 to a 3.5?

I have one period where we "prep" for our EMT course before lunch, but I could probably get out of it since I'm at the top of my class. Would it be worth taking a semester of chemistry or retaking biology? Should I try and get into college Algebra or English?

Thanks in advance!

Almost all nursing schools require application to the nursing program after completion of prerequisite courses. Your high school record will have no bearing on your nursing school admission. It will, however, affect your initial admission to the school itself. Once admitted as a freshman, you will have sufficient time to create a good academic record to make you competitive for the nursing program. Most students save money by completing prerequisite courses at a community college where they might also find it easier to obtain the required good grades. Whatever you decide to do, make certain that you take advantage of all opportunities to improve your study habits when you start college. Good luck.

My high school grades had nothing to do with my application, either! But do try to score all a's on your nursing foundations courses so you won't have to worry anymore! You will be fine, I promise. Look online for your school's listing of required courses, that should help you understand what grades you have to have!

First off...high school gpa means nothing...know the requirements before you freak out...if your in high school the school year just started? You have All year to figure everything out you will be fine. Good luck

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HS grades will matter for getting accepted to a University or college. However once you are in you start with basically a clean slate. LEARN from what didn't work in HS and be prepared. These college grades WILL matter. You are picking a major that will limit the classic "party" experience somewhat in college. There is a reason nurses make a good living and why they are given huge responsibilities. Good luck!

while the grades may mean little, all knowledge gained will help. since you did well in A+P I wouldn't retake bio, but chem might be worthwhile, foundation, foundation, foundation.

Dont wait for your mom to sign you up for the ACT or SAT. You can take the PSAT or PACT for practice and then take the ACT or SAT. My mom didnt sign me up for anything. I spoke to teachers and did it myself. The only thing she signed was the permission slip to ride the bus to the test.

Thanks to everyone who replied.

I am worried because people at my home school say that people who go where I go now don't get into college, despite the fact that we get college credits (though my program only gets a few for CPR). Of course my old school doesn't want you to leave for there anyways, but my parents brought it up as well.

Ursuline wants to see a GPA of 2.75, an ACT of 20 or SAT of 1000, and at least a C+ in high school Algebra I, biology and chemistry. I got a C- in biology and haven't taken chemistry yet. My Algebra is good, I'm just worried about the other two.

Hi! How well respected is the ABSN program at Ursuline College? Are they only known in the Northeast region of OH, specifically the Cleveland area? I am interested in knowing the program's credential prior to applying for it. I've heard the great things about the ABSN at Ursuline College, but why is it not ranked on USNews for "best nursing school?" Which hospitals are Ursuline affiliated with? I thought Ursuline has a magnet program where students are supported to find employment after graduation, or at least it was posted on the website? Do you also happen to know the NCLEX passing rates? Thanks!