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  1. OnlyDreaming

    May I please vent?

    Yet another reason why we Homeschool. :)
  2. OnlyDreaming

    RN to BSN in MI? Y or N if plan to be stay @ home mom?

    Enjoy your baby(future babies). School is hard with newborns. I would worry about it when you get there. Since you already have your RN you could use ur FAFSA if applicable to finish a degree online in something else if nursing is not looking good to you any longer. :) Congrats on the baby!
  3. OnlyDreaming

    When a Mom Miscarries

    Im sorry for your loss. My oldest daughter was 8month when I miscarried our baby at 8wks. I had just found out the day before we miscarried but we already had a name if the baby was a girl, Haley Maria so we are convinced the baby was a girl. The ER doc was a guy and just simply said there is nothing you or I can do, miscarriages are common and please dont try to get pregnant for at least 6 months. It was a very empty meeting. The nurse luckily was sweet and came back into the room to say to ignore the doc that she got pregnant immediately after a loss. We got pregnant with our 2nd within a month. We are now blessed with 5 healthy babies since our loss. But i too feel horrible about losing that one sweet baby and that I didnt realize until it was too late and I flushed my sweet baby in a toilet at my job. Ugh! My family was not supportive and my mom said it was for the best that my oldest deserved to be the baby a bit longer. I was shocked at anyone being so insensitive. I am glad you had family to support you! It took many years for my hubby to mourn and thus we appreciate these little lives we are blessed with.
  4. OnlyDreaming

    Creighton Accelerated January 2015

    You will need a car. And Creighton is in a bad neighborhood so be aware of that. I know since someone said they are from NY they might not feel like they would be intimidated but im from Los Angeles and its not pretty around Creighton but there are a lot of great neighborhoods I believe to the east and if you can live Council Bluffs,IA its even better as far as safety I believe and might be cheaper rent. BTW if you dont mind sharing what are your stats for your app. I am tossing around applying for the ABSN
  5. OnlyDreaming

    Long shift then class?

    I dont have my CNA yet. I am working on finishing my BS in Psych.
  6. OnlyDreaming

    Colorblind Flight Nurse in Military?

    Good luck!!! Do you have your BSN? I know the AF is the hardest to get into but with a BSN i think it would be easier.
  7. OnlyDreaming


    How do you find the NCLEX pass ratings?(sorry to hijack post)
  8. OnlyDreaming

    Waitlist for LPN program?

    Oh ok. Ill have to look closer at our local CC. It takes forever to get anyone to reply to an email. :)
  9. OnlyDreaming

    Waitlist for LPN program?

    I know the local CC has like a 2yr wait-list for the RN program. But do you think there will be a wait-list for the LPN program? Is there usually one?
  10. OnlyDreaming

    Long shift then class?

    well the CNA class would be across the street from the hospital(lucky this way) and I live 4mins away from the hospital! :)
  11. OnlyDreaming

    Thinking about becoming an RN

    You need to complete the prereqs before even applying to nursing school so look into the schools you like then do the prereqs
  12. OnlyDreaming

    Aced my first exams!!!

    Awesome!!! Congrats!!! Keep doing w/e ur doing!!!! :)
  13. OnlyDreaming

    Long shift then class?

    Ya i think if I do it , i will wait until spring for the CNA class to get adjusted
  14. OnlyDreaming

    Long shift then class?

    Has anyone worked a 12hr night shift and then go to class? I am thinking about do this. I just was offered a 12hr shift 36hrs a week at the local hospital as a patient representative(checking in). I really want to get my CNA while finishing my bachelors then apply to Accelerated BSN programs. Do you think it will be too hard? Most classes/clinicals are listed as 4 hrs long. BTW, my schedule is 7-7
  15. OnlyDreaming

    Switching to a Nursing Major

    ya i know the ASN program only requires the lowest chemistry to get into the program but to get a BSN its probably different