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My niece is serving 12-15yrs for vehicular manslaughter in Iowa and is expected to be released in less than 5yrs (she's served 5). She and 3 friends had been drinking excessively and decided to get in a car, my niece lost control of the vehicle and hit a semi tractor trailer head on. Her front seat passenger was killed and two backseat passengers permanently disabled. She walked away with minor injuries. She has her mind set on becoming a nurse after her time spent in the hospital. I advised to her to contact the state BON, before she invested time in school. The Iowa BON told her she would have to apply for the NCLEX and review her case then, so she could actually go 2yrs through school and get denied. Have you ever heard of anyone getting their nsg license with vehicular manslaughter on their record? I just don't see how they would allow her a license or how any hospital that would hire her. Her best friend who is a CNA is encouraging her and my sis-in-law(nieces mother) not to listen to my advise of choosing another career.


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You are absolutley correct in advising her to choose another career. Its just not worth jumping through all the hoops with a felony on her record. Just being brutally honest.

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yes i agree with the above poster.. she needs another major... nursing is just not going to work ... more brutal honesty...


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sorry but I don't think she will become a nurse not trying to bash about it but that is a serious crime and even if she did go through school and do the best she can she still will have that on her backround, the best thing to do is have her choose another career..

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check the info here: faq: nursing licensure with a criminal history

under pa criminal backgound clearance:prohibitive offenses no hiring healthcare facility voluntary manslaughter is listed, not vehicular.

this is one of those areas that the bon would possibly consider looking at total info submitted to them: time between incident and schooling, court ruling and prison sentance, alcohol counseling undertaken, rehabilitative efforts. unfortuantely, most boards are unable to make any comment or review felony convistion until one applies for nclex/licensure--that's when they have a legal right to render an opinion. some boards have permitted licensure when satisfied that person has turned their life around.

if prision has d+a counseling, encourage her to participate. if prision offers college classess as part of rehabilative program, i'd take them as can only help her improve herself.

i just checked iowa's bon website and found

initial examination & endorsement applicants

iowa code 147.3 qualifications:

all applicants who have a criminal conviction(s), other than a minor traffic violation, must submit copy(s) of the sentencing order(s) when submitting application materials.

in order for an individual to become a licensed nurse in iowa, the person must first graduate from a state board approved nursing program.

information pertaining to individual criminal records prior to completion of an education program cannot be obtained from the iowa board of nursing. questions concerning acceptance into a nursing program, due to history of a criminal conviction(s), will need to be addressed by the nursing program.

at the time of licensure the iowa board of nursing will review each individual application and criminal record. the board of nursing will make the final decision regarding licensure.

from license application:

information regarding felony conviction:

1. send a copy of the court records; i.e. trial information, judgment entry and sentencing order with the application by exam.

2. a written assessment of your life before, at the time of, and after the conviction.

3. parole/probation officer’s assessment if currently under active supervision or a letter from your parole/probation officer stating that you completed the requirements of your probation.

4. employment history (please include in your written assessment).

5. enclose copies of all substance abuse evaluations with treatment discharge summary and aftercare recommendations.

6. letters of recommendation may also be included.

best wishes to having your niece turn her life around.