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Vanderbilt Pay Scale

by Jo Dirt Jo Dirt (Member)

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I don't expect it to be any better than anywhere else, but I don't know what anywhere else pays, either.

I'm thinking of signing on with them but I wonder what I can expect to make?

The drive will be over an hour to get there.


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I don't know what the pay scale is there these days but I know that the experience you obtain there will be invaluable.

Since moving away from Nashville, I've encountered the strong perception of, "Oh, you've worked at Vanderbilt...you can handle anything." Having Vandy on my resume has been very helpful.


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I'm sorry for this thread hijack.... I just wanted to say that my Mom *still* praises the nurses at Vanderbilt who cared for her mom over 20 years ago.

Gramma died there, from liver and lung cancer, she received superb care, and Grampa and my parents felt supported and cared for during her long admission, and after her passing.

So, kudos to Vanderbilt nurses. :balloons:

Y'all showed a young RN what nurses can do.



New grads make about $2-$3 less per hour that other hospitals around. It is a teaching hospital so you make less but you do gain a lot of experience. You can make up for the pay difference if you are going to school...say BSN or MSN..because they pay 12 credit hours per year....


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Does anyone have any idea what the graduate nurse pay is at Vandy? I have seven years of experience, but it would be helpful to know what the base pay is for new grads. Also, does Vandy offer sign on, retention, and/or relocation packages? Thanks!


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New grad pay is 17.50.


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Doesn't Vandy still have the benefit that if you've worked there at least 5 years, they help with your children's tuition if they attend any school other than Vandy?

Might be worth a 2-hour drive for me!


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Vandy is paying 100% of my child's tutition, up to $ 2000 per semster. As per previous post, you must be employeed at least 5 years and in *good standing* with your manager.



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Another benefit that I forgot to tell you is that I live 83 miles away. Vanderbilt gives a generous discount on the hotel rate. I pay $ 30.00 per night (tax deductible). With gas prices being what they are, it's worth it.

(Holiday Inn Select @ Vanderbilt, of course!):lol2:

I have a friend that just started working in the SICU at Vandy this year. She said that new grad pay is $19.50. She says it's the lowest in the city, but worth it considering the experience that she's getting.

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Wonder if that rate is days or nights?

Wonder if that rate is days or nights?

She said that's days and it's $3 or $3.25 for nights and $6 for weekends.


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They must have went up on the salary.

everyone seems to think vandy is the lowest paying hospital in nashville but they're really not! i work there and new grad in the ortho is $18.50 which is the same for new grad in the cardiac unit at st thomas. i work with two nurses who came from st thomas that say they left there because vandy pays more and the diffs are also more

What is the retirement and other benefits like at Vandy?

I have a hard time believing this "teaching hospital is worth the decreased pay" bit. That may come in handy if you are doing a residency or are a physician, but not for regular staff nurses. I've worked at "teaching hospitals" before and it is more dependent on the people you work with. there are plenty of staff nurses that are willing to teach others at non-teaching hospitals too.

I have a hard time believing this "teaching hospital is worth the decreased pay" bit.

I'm so with you. I don't care if the name on the front of the hospital is Family Dollar General Hospital. As long as there are sick, critical, unstable patients for me to take care of, good money/benefits/and work:life balance and GOOD managers....sign me up. I don't care if it's Vanderbilt, Duke, Mass Gen, or Mayo posted on the top of the building.

Okay people I will give it to you from my POV

GN/ nurse resident rate medical floor 18.50

SDU/CC floor 19.50

Shift diff 3.00 weekend 6.00

Self Scheduling / 12 hour shifts - who needs to use vacation time when you plan work around your life

Vandy Valet - free service to run my errands

CEU's - free offered frequently throught the year

Gym with classes - free

Discounts -(Apartments, stores, childcare,hotels etc) just mention the Vandy name sometimes ID is required

Bus transportation - free swipe your badge

Health insurance (I have dental, disability, vision, pharmacy, dental, life) app

Tuition reimbursement is also offered not just to Vandy, special NP program just for emloyees three years

Experience - PRICELESS We service transfers from Baptist, St. Thomas, MT and other local hopsitals as well as.. Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Lousiana, Mississippi

You have to weight your options! :yeah:

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