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    TN New grad pay

    Vandy pays 70% of up to 3 children's college tuition after 5 years of employment.

    Math help! When to round up.

    One value to the right of the tenths spot makes sense!....thank you so much!

    Math help! When to round up.

    I understand that rounding 2.5mls to 3mls is giving more medication that required. Our instructors tell us to round to the nearest tenth spot....I guess that is what is messing me up!
  4. When can you round up on a dosage problem? Why can you round 0.75mls to 0.8mls but cannot round 2.5mls. I know you round to the nearest tenth.... isn't the tenth spot the first number after the decimal or do I have it all wrong?

    Graduate in December. Apply for jobs now?

    I graduate in December and my instructor told me to start applying in October.....

    Vanderbilt Pay Scale

    New grads make about $2-$3 less per hour that other hospitals around. It is a teaching hospital so you make less but you do gain a lot of experience. You can make up for the pay difference if you are going to school...say BSN or MSN..because they pay 12 credit hours per year....
  7. We are nurses, hear us ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!

    Nervous for a new semester...

    I would share your worries with your clinical instructor just to give her a heads up. Explain that you have never had a reaction like that before. It is ok for us nurses to let our *super-de-grossing* powers slack a little. There is still one thing that totally makes me gag everytime.... it is ok. We are human!.....take this semester with Charge..you can do it! K
  9. Thank you! Good luck with everything you are doing as well!....First day tomorrow and my first test Wednesday (dosage calculations)...whew!!!! K
  10. Tomorrow starts my first day of my last semester (let's pray to God)... I am really scared, nervous but excited at the same time! I want to wish everyone going into nursing school this semester a GOOD LUCK! K
  11. PICUFL

    Hospital tuition reimbursement?

    If you work full time at Vanderbilt they will pay 100% of 12 hours per year. In addition to that, they pay 70% of a 3 hour class per semester. You are not required to work for them afterwards, just maintain a c average and keep 60 hours of work in a 2 week pay period. I know St. Thomas offers reimbursement but if I remember correctly, it is not as much as Vanderbilt.
  12. PICUFL

    Nursing Program 1st semester & work

    and P.S. taking 6 credit hours may look easy but it is not your regular history and Psy 6 credit hours! There are hours of clinical time, preparation time, plus study time not accounted for. Good luck! K
  13. PICUFL

    Nursing Program 1st semester & work

    I am going into my 3rd semester of Nursing school and have worked 30 hours a week the entire time (not to mention plan a wedding in my first semester and I lost my father to lung cancer in my second semester)- the point- I can be done! You just have to tell your friends you can't be too social in the next two years but after your graduate you will have lots of time! I make myself go to the library for atleast 2 hours a day a week before a major test. Cramming doesn't work in nursing. Also, don't just memorize the information, really understand it. Good luck! K
  14. PICUFL

    What's Vanderbilt like?

    I work in the PICU at Vandy and I know a bit about the NICU- The parents are allowed to say in the childs room except from 6:45a-8a and 6:45p-8p I believe. There are 8 sleep rooms (mini-hotel rooms) that are offered but with over 60 patients at times that doesn't sleep many! A lot of them sleep in the waiting rooms.
  15. PICUFL

    Warning about Columbia State.

    I would like to put my 2 cents in: Yes, it does help to go to a good Nursing school but it is what YOU put into your Nursing that makes you a good nurse. Get out there and ask your fellow nurses for help. Every nurse I have ever met is willing to help me. Your future as a nurse depends on YOU not your school per say. K