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l gardens

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I had a phone interview about 3 weeks ago and haven't heard anything since. I think one of two things happened: the letter just hasn't arrived yet (I live out of state) or they mailed acceptances first, are waiting to see who makes the deposit, and then are sending out a second round of acceptances/waitlists/rejections. I'm so sick of waiting! Hope everyone hears soooooon...


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hey folks, I just wanted to congratulate those of you accepted and cross my fingers for those of you waiting. In previous years they have pulled from the waitlist extensively so even if you find yourself on it, try to remain optimistic! I'm very excited about this year and will be trying to provide information about MEPN for others on a Facebook group. I thought it would be nice to have another place to meet, ask questions, and share info about the program. I can't post the link here, but it should be easy to find.



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i'm in california and just received a letter this afternoon, so seems like they must have been sent out late last week.

thanks, gina, for setting up the facebook group!


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How do I find the facebook group? I tried a search, but I am not a pro at FB yet.


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Specializes in oncology. Has 10 years experience.

I've thought about returning to school to further my education, but honestly, I'm just to tired now. What should I do?


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search UVM MEPN 2010 in the search field once you are logged in


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Does anyone know when the semester starts this summer? I received my acceptance letter yesterday (in RI). I had been out of town, may have arrived earlier.


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lunchboxblue: I think it depends on what classes you have to take. Depending on your undergrad work, you may be able to skip classes biomedical science. I would e-mail them at UVM.

Does anyone know if there were both 'waitlist' letters and 'no' letters that went out? My question really is, does "no" mean "no way in hell" or does "no" mean "you're on the waitlist"?

Also, if anyone has been officially waitlisted, is there any way to know where you stand on the waitlist or how many people were put on the waitlist? Has anyone heard how many people applied for 2010?

Thanks for any information. Congrats to those of you who are in already!


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Hi everyone,

I received my letter today and was waitlisted for the program. I was very happily surprised with this. I wasn't contacted for an interview, so for those of you who felt discouraged because of the lack of interview, there is definitely still hope for the waitlist! Just wanted to share my update! Good luck to everyone!


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Good luck PsychRN28. I got in off the waitlist last year so there's definitely a good chance yet.


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CSulliva and other MEPNer's, I have yet to take A&P. I'm not sure if I should take the 1.5 credit class that they offer online for anatomy and then the Biomed course or if I should try and take the real A&P. Your thoughts? Any feedback is much appreciated.

Anyone else in the same bind?