UVM MEPN 2010 acceptance?


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anything new? Anyone recently accepted or been offered a seat from the waitlist? I got my orientation packet yesterday! It offers a lot more detail about what to expect the first year and many tips to be prepared. As a side note, as MEPNers we will be wearing wine colored scrubs. Hope to hear from more of you :)


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I am on the waitlist and have not heard a peep! Anyone else?


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I spoke to someone on Tuesday who said that there was one spot left to take someone in off the waitlist.



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I still hadn't heard anything about my waitlist position so I called and was told basically, not to hold my breath as they most likely wouldn't be calling me...too far down on the waitlist. I am so sad. I wanted to be a part of this program so badly. Good luck to those of you that got in and hopefully I'll see you next year and you can guide me through with all of your first-year wisdom!


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sorry to hear that wannabefnp :( I'm not sure what your background or stats looked like, but I'm sure there are many ways to to pump up your application for this coming fall in the meantime. Try not to give up hope though. Look at opportunities for science classes this summer and fall, getting more clinical experience or at least volunteering at FAHC or a local hospital. From my conversations with faculty in the nursing program, it sounds like the personal statement is one of the most determinating factors and is then backed up by letters of rec, GPA, GRE scores, etc. Spend some time really tailoring this to your passions. Make sure they can hear your determination and heart to become a nurse. Tell them where you will be down the road in this profession some years from now and make sure it comes across that this is not a transient interest. Above all, don't make it sound like you are reading your resume to them. I wish you the best of luck! and who knows, maybe you will get that unexpected call in the coming months :)