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Thank you very much for taking the time to write such a detailed response.It has been greatly helpful to me!!


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I will most likely be deferring until next year due to some financial issues. I will be certain in about 2-4 weeks. If so, that will be one more spot open for this year.

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I was waitlisted but I definitely have questions about the organization of the program based on my experience with the application process. I applied early and was never able to get in touch with anyone to confirm that all my materials were received. I finally heard on 1/26, offering me a phone interview, which I was really excited about. The interview was 2 days later and they told me it would happen between 9 and 12 (they didn't give me any alternative times in the off chance that I may be busy from 9-12 during the week). I was busy at work when they finally called after 12 and I felt the interview didn't go great, which was my own fault but at least partially because I was so flustered-I was immersed in work and all of a sudden was having an interview that I had no time to mentally prepare for). I thought the interviewers were nice but it's intimidating not being able to see them in person or really be given a chance to sell yourself. I was told I would hear the next week. I heard 4 weeks after my interview, when I received a waitlist letter with my name spelled wrong. I don't think I have a great chance of getting in off the waitlist but I think I'm okay with that; I'm not sure the school is sending the right message to prospective students by being so inaccessible and disorganized! I think UVM is a great school but their admissions process raised some serious red flags for me.


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also just fyi to those on the wait list - the acceptance letter said we were to let them know our decision by 2/26. however, i haven't yet been able to get any financial aid info, so i've asked for a bit of extra time. i expect others will do the same, as i'm not sure how we can make this decision without the $$ info. (as i mentioned before, i'll likely decline, but i want to at least feel like i'm making an informed decision when i do.)


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ok well i just spoke with the financial aid office and not only could they not give me any info about my award, they couldn't even tell me what the standard cost of living allowance is for grad students - a number i need to know as that's the limit on the loans i'll be able to take out - so i can determine if i can support my son and myself.

it's amazing to me that they expect a decision before the prospective student has this information, especially considering that many students will have other offers to compare. grrr.

so, i've just formally declined. :(

good luck to everyone else! :)


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I got an email saying financial aid packages were being sent early june and I also just formally declined... best wishes everyone!


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Has anyone accepted at this point? I am personally very excited. The feedback that I have gotten back from other people in the program has been positive. I am sorry if the application process has been discouraging for some people. I created a fb page for UVM MEPN 2010 if anyone wants to join so that we can meet other people in the program and share info to help us out in this process.


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I am still waitlisted and haven't heard anything from the program. If I get a yes, I'm going. If I don't get in, I'll be sooooo SAD! Cross your fingers for me!


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I have also gotten very positive feedback from people in previous UVM MEPN classes as well. I would venture to say that the administrative end of the MEPN does not necessarily reflect the educational/didactic part. They serve and are two disparate entities when you consider their purposes.

So, this should be a good adventure!


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I talked with one of the faculty members last Friday and she told me that those who accepted will be receiving a packet of info about classes etc this week. Since I was on the phone already and she had some of the info in front of her, she shared what the schedule will look like for this fall!!!

She also mentioned that 128 people applied, 12 slots are currently filled, and 4 are being pulled from the waitlist...so keep hope if you are on the waitlist!! :)

Fall 2010 MEPN Schedule!!


8-9:15 patho

9:35-11:30 science of nursing (adults)


8-4:30pm Lab/Practicum


8-9:15 Patho

9:35-11:30 Science of Nursing (adults)

12:50-3:50 Drug Therapy


8-4:30 Lab/Practicum


8:30-10:30 Conference

10:40-12:35 Professional Nursing Issues

I'm getting excited!

Anyone else taking Biomed?


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Thanks for the info, VTGirl82, solid numbers are nice to see :)

Did you happen to get a sense as to when they would notify people from the waitlist?

Thanks for posting :)


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Has anyone who was waitlisted heard anything (lexhamgardens, psychrn28)??? I have not and I am thinking this is a bad sign. What did you decide to do lunchboxblue? Actually, where is everyone going (if you're in somewhere)...vtskiier, ilovemountains, jamies514, manyapples, torytory, hilife808...???

Good luck to everyone. The waiting is just excruciating...

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