UVM MEPN 2010 acceptance?


I applied to the Masters Entry in Nursing Program at UVM in October of 2009. I have yet to hear anything from UVM. I have called both their graduate admissions office and their Department of Nursing and gotten a different answer each time. First I was told we would hear back early January (deadline was December 1st). Then I was told end of January. Then I was told a phone call would be received end of January/early February. The latest I've been told is that letters are sent out at the end of February.

I'm at my wits end with this program as I have applied to others and been accepted. Unfortunately UVM is my first choice, and I have no idea if I even have a chance. I would like to start filling out financial aide information for other programs, but would really like to hear from UVM first.

Any insight? Has anyone applied and already heard from UVM?


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hi VTskiier,

i also applied last fall, and had a terrible time reaching anyone to simply confirm that my application file was complete...called multiple times, emailed several times, nothing...anyway, two weeks ago i received an email that they had done their preliminary review of applications and were scheduling phone interviews. they said letters of admission would be mailed out feb 5 or so.

i guess this isnt exactly the news you were hoping for, though they seem so disorganized i wouldnt rule anything out yet.

i do wish i knew more about their program, as my interactions with the school thus far have been less than encouraging. if you have any info about the program - other than whats on their website - id love to hear it.



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Thanks for the quick reply! I thought they had mentioned "phone calls" but never specified interviews. I wonder if this means I was not selected for a phone interview. I'm not going to rule anything out yet, but luckily have applied for a few backup schools too.

Did you apply for entry this year as well? Their lack of information, on both the website and simply email/phone communication is quite discouraging. I unfortunately was not able to attend one of the informational sessions so I do not know much about the program.

I did, however, used to work for the UVM College of Medicine/Fletcher Allen (hospital) as a clinical research coordinator. The hospital and campus location is wonderful right in Burlington, VT. Are you from the area? It is a definitely a great place to visit, and even to live.

Hope you hear back from UVM soon and thanks for replying to my post!


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I applied to UVM's MEPN program for 2010 and I was contacted by email to set up a phone interview several weeks ago. At the end of the phone interview I was told they were mailing out decision letters on February 4th (tomorrow!).

Hope that helps- Good Luck!


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hi folks,

I applied last year and wasn't notified until mid/late February if i recall correctly. I remember how stressful it was not knowing when I would be notified and therefore constantly checking my mailbox for over a month. So, although it has been a long wait since you applied, if they send letters out on the 4th that will be an improvement over last year. I ended up being accepted and deferring until this fall. If you don't get in at first and are waitlisted, you still have a very good chance.

I plan on attending the next info session if anyone else wants to meet up. I also recently got some contact info from some MEPNer's in the program and one that has graduated and I am hoping to set up a meeting at some point.

Good luck to you all!



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Hi everyone,

I also applied for the masters entry program at UVM and have not heard anything. I'm really disappointed to hear that some people were interviewed over the phone. I'm guessing since I wasn't one of them, I should just be expecting a rejection letter within the next few days. :crying2: Big time bummer...


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hi gina,

how were you able to make contact with uvm mepn students? did the school put you in touch with them?

i would love it if they would post something on here about their experience. i feel like there is such a vacuum of info about uvm's program, probably because it's so small. i really feel at a loss as to how to make this decision - assuming there's even a decision to make...



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Eazye - Were you also contacted for a phone interview? I'm just wondering if they interviewed all potential applicants or if maybe they only interviewed for certain specialities or certain people. I'm crossing my fingers that I still have a chance.


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yes, i was contacted for an interview via email on 1/22. i applied to the fnp specialty. maybe they only interviewed for that specialty? or maybe they only interviewed some people? i will cross my fingers for you.


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Hey UVM applicants, I'm in my second semester of the MEPN program this year. I was accepted last year in early February. I think letters went out at the end of last week to this years applicants. A lot of our class was accepted off the wait list (some even as late as August) so if you get wait listed don't think it's the end of the process.

There is a lack of info about the program available on the website. Overall I'm really happy with the program. It's still new so there are inevitable bugs to be worked out, but our class has tried to put together a list of useful info for the next class... hopefully it makes it easier.

If you have specific questions post them here and I'll do my best to check back. One thing about being a MEPN... free time is scarce! Good luck :)


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I cannot wait to find out if I got in but I am discouraged because I didn't get contacted for an interview.:crying2:

I went to UVM undergrad and love Burlington...and would love to move back.

When do you think we will get our letters???

Soon I hope!

Good luck to everyone!


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I also participated in a phone interview a few weeks ago.

I am pursuing the FNP track.

Has anyone received their letter yet? I only live 1 county away from UVM, and it only takes 1 day for the mail to arrive, but no letter yet.

It would have been lovely if they sent a quick e-mail update letting us know the letters have been sent. It's the waiting that is torturous.

What are other people's backgrounds? I have been a medical assistant for years, work in a nursing role at a family practice and have my BS in nutrition. I owned my own business for alternative health as well. I earned a 1280 on the GRE, and with all that am hoping it will be my ticket into UVM. With such a small class size the competition is fierce.

I would love to hear what kind of schooling and experience other people have.

Good luck to everyone.