UVM DEPN (Direct Entry Program in Nursing)

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Anyone else applying this cycle? I am applying for the FNP track.

If anyone is in the program or graduated from the program, it would also be great to hear about your experiences!

I am applying - to that program and to VTC's RN program. My grades are good, but not amazing, but I have some good references. Currently working at FAHC as an LNA to ensure that I want to be in the medical field. I'm going for FNP, too. I do have a friend that is completing the MEPN program soon, and she has really enjoyed it... her only advice in applying (it was a casual mention) was to really know that you want to do Nurse Practitioner before you do the program - it's too much work if you're not sure.

Has anyone heard anything back from UVM yet in any fashion? All the other schools I applied to have kept me up to date on the whole process, but UVM has maintained radio silence since I submitted.

I've not heard anything from them.

I had not heard anything at all, but I emailed about NursingCAS and Kristin Cella says they are reviewing applications.

I had not realized that applications from 3.0 were forwarded to schools that only required pre requisite verification even if the third section of the arrow under program status was still yellow, so I emailed in a bit of a panic.

Not thrilled by the experience with NursingCAS...

Anyway, I got a prompt, friendly response from UVM admissions, so I wouldn't hesitate to ask.

Has anyone heard from UVM at all? I heard from a Boston school already and their deadline was in January!

I know my situation is a little different .... but I applied to uvm medical center for the new grad nursing residency and they have also been silent since my last materials were submitted ....I'm guessing uvm school and hospital are slow on their application process of all types ....feeling the pain ...

They're Vermonters. They're probably too busy hitting up Hill Farmstead for some growlers and hitting the slopes on all of these powder days from the last month. They'll probably let us know by October.

I can't find a thread for the 2014 applications (not that I'm incredibly anxious or anything...) looks like people were notified around the 28th of February in 2013. My guess is that we'll hear by March.

I was accepted! I am struggling to decide between UVM, UMass, and Emory....

I was accepted! I am struggling to decide between UVM, UMass, and Emory....

Nice! How did they let you know?

I got an email saying that a decision was ready on the online UVM grad app page, and it was posted there. Later on I got an email from KC with an acceptance later as well.

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