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UTMB Summer 2015 - anyone?

mgrenwic mgrenwic (Member)


I've applied to UTMB starting in May of 2015.

I had not seen any posts regarding this so I though I would get it going.

All my stuff is with the school and my "mystar" is up and going.

97th Percentile TEAS

4.0 Science

3.10 B.B.A. of finance

Anyone have any idea of when we might hear something?

I applied as well! I haven't taken my TEAS yet (Sept 24th). You should be hearing about an interview soon. I wont hear anything until my TEAS is submitted.... Let me know when you hear back!

Also, have you seen anything on you MyStar Portal? Any email correspondence?

The MyStar shows my application is complete but that all. No correspondence since the initial emails for MyStar.

I also applied for Summer 2015. Everything is complete in MyStar, so I guess we just play the waiting game since the application deadline isn't until 10/15. I'm going to Open House on 10/10. Has anyone else been yet? I'm just wondering if it was informative. Good luck to everyone! Hope we all can get in! :D

Yes, waiting game it is. I was under the impression we would hear something prior to the close but after talking to the school we will be lucky to hear by the end of Oct. I was not aware of the open house so thanks for posting that. I have a friend their, let me ask her if it was worth it. Im in Dallas so that is a drive for me but I would like to see the campus etc. My name is Michael, if I see you there i'll introduce myself.

If you can't make the open house on the 10th, they do them once a month. They are listed on their website. Since you have a friend in the program, do you have any idea what the schedule is like as far as what days class/clinicals are etc?

She said she did not attend the open house so no comment there - schedule is as follows (1st semester)

My schedule is as follows:

Monday: pathophysiology 1-4

Tuesday: no class

Wednesday: health assessment 8-10

Intro to the profession 10-12

Adult care 1: 1-4

Thursday: Adult care 1 lab: 9-12

Health assessment lab: 1-4

Friday: clinical- 6:30 am to 5:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday off

You could have clinical on Thursday Friday or Saturday and your lab would be scheduled accordingly.

Thanks! And thanks to your friend! That's very helpful. :)

I will, yes she has been a big help for me too. Let me know if you think of anything else.

Does anyone know how long it takes nursing cas to process the application once they receive it? How long before you get a my star account?

I think it takes about 1 week - but I had mine to them very very early on - I really think it is a matter of when they get it, b/c now they are rushing to get things done before the deadline.

Also, they have to do you transcripts which takes a few days as well.

After it is submitted you will get an email from the school - then you will receive 3 emails form the school to setup my star - mine came right away but my friends took over 1 week (7 + days)

Okay. I submitted mine a couple of days ago so I figure it will be a little while before I hear anything. I am wondering if there won't be as many people applying for this semester. Usually there are a lot more posts by now. I am excited to see if I get in, this is the first school I am applying for, fingers crossed!

I talked to the school on several occasions and found the following to be true

There are quite a few less people applying to the Spring and especially the Summer sessions, especially the summer bc this is the 1st one.

They told me I would be lucky to hear anything on my application until the very end of October.

They told me a few people are accepted without an interview but this is a handful.

Good luck!

I got notice from NursingCas that my application has been verified. So I should be getting my supplemental application from UTMB soon! Yay! My husband and I went down to Galveston to visit the campus today. It made it all feel so real. Can't believe our applications are almost due and we could know whether we got in by christmas. I feel like this forum is so bare. Is there another one I don't know about? Good luck everyone!! Hopeful we all get in!

Hi everyone! I went to the open house at UTMB on Friday. It was very informative. So basically I found out that they are accepting roughly 80 applicants for Summer and that, so far, a 3.2 GPA and a 70% overall or higher on the TEAS V are competitive for the Summer 2015 application period. They also said that they really look at the overall "whole package" of each applicants. So best of luck to all of us! The last email I received from the SON just said that my application was complete and that they would be reviewing the applications over the next few weeks and contacting people for interviews, but that the whole process could take 14-16 weeks.

Thank you Nurse_J_low,

This was very Helpful.

I'm also applying to the program. I'm really nervous, I submitted my application 10/10/14 and my transcript from one of my schools has not yet been cleared and its been awhile. Hopefully everything will work out, this coming week. Good luck to everyone who is applying :)

Hi guys! I am reapplying to UTMB I was placed on the wait list for the spring of 2015 and did not want to take any chances. Best of luck to all.

Hello everyone :) I just applied to UTMB for the summer as well. Just waiting to hear back now. This blog has really helped answer my questions. So thank you all! Wishing us all the best of luck!