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  1. mgrenwic

    Is Hospice nursing "easier"?

    Very interesting input - wouldn't have thought of this aspect. Thank you.
  2. mgrenwic

    Is Hospice nursing "easier"?

    I can relate to what you said;I am not a spring chicken so unfortunately death has been a significant part of my life. It actually was my inspiration to leave finance and pursue nursing. I was fortunate to be around some excellent nurses, especially toward the end. I guess in my mind coming in knowing you very well may lose a patient that day is somehow comforting - not sure that makes sense. I guess in my mind you go into the day kind of knowing what to expect.
  3. mgrenwic

    Is Hospice nursing "easier"?

    Hello, I was recently accepted to nursing school and have turned my focus to where I might want to work after school. I was wondering if Hospice nursing is "easier" in a sense. I think this b/c you know what to expect in terms of the patients status. I would assume is some way the anxiety/worry that a patient could pass on your shift is cut because it is somewhat expected. I like the idea of getting to spend "real" time with the patients. I like the idea of helping someone at that pivotal time in their life and striving to do what you can to make this event as good as it can be. Thanks.
  4. mgrenwic

    The most annoying student

    Wow - this is horrible - as I read this I pictured a young punk with a foe hawk and then I got to the end. He is 40? That is really disturbing behavior and I am surprised he has made it this far in the profession and in life in general. The universe seems to have a way of dealing with people like this. So just cross your fingers and wait.
  5. mgrenwic

    UTMB Summer 2015 - anyone?

    Michael Renwick - do you mean add you on FB?
  6. I found this to be entertaining and informative as well - and it is Christmas themed too.
  7. mgrenwic

    UTMB and Nursing Cas

    Anytime. If you have anymore questions hit me up or there is a group of us going into the summer semester in another thread. It can be stressful - I don't know what was worse, getting the app in or the waiting.
  8. mgrenwic

    UTMB and Nursing Cas

    Hello, Yes, you have to submit all course work. No, you an't submit without the TEAS score. You use to be able to and the app would just sit at the school until they arrived. I picked this info up at the open house last week when I was there for an interview. Best of luck.
  9. Very moving, I went through something very similar not long ago. This is the kind of stuff you can't learn anywhere but here, from people doing the job. What's right and what's wrong? - reading this now if I find myself in a similar situation in the future I would do the same. Thank you so much for sharing this. Very quick thinking, very classy, very impressive and very caring.
  10. mgrenwic

    UTMB Summer 2015 - anyone?

    Congrats! My friends just changed as well. I had my interview yesterday. My interviewer is also on the board of admissions. She said wave 1 of interviews ends 24th then they will do a second wave so there will be more to come.
  11. mgrenwic

    Lessons Learned During Our First Semester Of Clinicals

    Great read. What exactly do you mean in #12, can you give an example? Thanks
  12. mgrenwic

    Practice test results ..?

    LMAO - I love the grammar police. Consider it free practice for you and no worries on busting my chops as it was warranted. The truth is when I'm on a forum like this I just don't care b/c I am lazy. I've been out of school for so long and grammar is something I have to actively consider while writing. In a setting like this I don't bother. With that said the real issue was the wedding party that I was keeping company with prior to the post. I am out of town for an interview at one of the schools I am considering and the hotel is active to say the least. If your implying I didn't score 97th percentile, I'd be more than happy to provide you with my score sheet. What did you get?
  13. mgrenwic

    Help regarding regulated collaborative agreement

    I have nothing of value to add to your thread - I just found your Hannibal Lector avatar to be a hilarious choice! "Hello Clarice"
  14. mgrenwic

    Practice test results ..?

    Let me make this perfectly clear, the book exam is nothing like the actual test - nothing. You absolutely need to buy the online practice tests as they are closer and much more similar in difficulty to the actual test. The test in the book are so easy compared to the real test.
  15. mgrenwic

    TEAS V Testing

  16. mgrenwic

    Teas practice test vs. Teas Exam

    Here you go. https://allnurses.com/teas-exam-help/teas-v-tips-943826.html