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trying to decide weather or not to go to hr. there's a dr at work that seems to be for lack of a better term "picking on me". i've been in critical care for almost 30 years, had my share of a## dr's, i can get in the face of the best of them. if i did something wrong i have no problem. but when does it become harassment ? first i attempted to have a conversation with him about a chest pain that was 6 min late getting to cath lab (because we were waiting on cath lab) , he and admin seem to think we should go over and wait with a nurse and intern in the lab until they arrive (that would have been 40 min), the pt had fire hat st's. i understand the cath is what is going to fix him but at that point the pt was better off in the er until cath lab arrived, it's only a 1 min walk down the hall . my point was it's the process that needs improved. pluse the fact that the attending and resident on nights didn't feel it was safe for the pt to wait without an attending at bed side (and i agree) but the er director doesn't. then, there was a mix up in a prescription that i had presented to the resident b4 the pt left. the lady called back mad. of course the director took the call. he told the pt that he was sorry for the" poor care "that she rec. from the nurse and intern and she could bet he would rip out "butts " for that. i was sitting beside him when he was talking to her. i told him that the resident said he wanted the script the way it was written. he said very curtley, " i told her i would discuss it with you, did i just discuss it with you ? i said that depends on what you consider a discussion. he threw the chart in a pile walked off. then we did a counsious sedation. the surgical res. asked for 150 of fent and 5 of versed. i took 200 and 10 with me. it was a chest tube insertion. during the proc the pt moaned and by the time we were done we gave her 375 mcg of fent. (by order of the director that stood there the entire time) i keept having to send another nurse for more. he said, we are doing a procedural consious sedation here and u only brought 200 mcg of fent and gave me "the look ". a few other just minor but very annoying things happen over the next couple day. i'm really sick of it. am i being over sensative or is he "picking on me "? oh, he isn't treating other nurses like this. (he's always a pain but this is out of the ordinary and seem to be inteded for me) not sure why cause i consider my self a very good nurse. (bad at spelling but a good nurse) and have been told that by numerous dr's. (not trying to toot my horn , i'm just saying i can play well with others) oh my.....any ideas or words of wisdom ? oh and while i'm at it doesn't 375 mcg of feynt seem like a lot ?:chair:

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Sounds to me like you are empowering him, and giving him far too much credit. Blow it off, tell himeto bite it. Go golfing. You will feel much better.

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Did all this happen on one shift? If yes, let it go and see if it continues. If not, start documenting. If the doc doesn't work for HR they won't be able to help you, but you can go to the doc's supervisors.

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he sounds like a big headed idiot... i would write him up if he keeps this stuidity up.. i think you are an easy mark .. he knows he can bother you and he does.. i wouldn't talk to him unless he spoke to me first and i would blow him off.. some of these doctors don't even treat nurses as humans who have feeling .. we do our best and they treat us subhuman... don't give him the time of day.. someday he'll do that to the wrong nurse and he'll get an ear full


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Oh I love docs like this......he has no social skills because he was probably doing nothing but studying his butt off all through medical school..and rightly so...BUT you can get him next time you run into him.......if he talks normally to you , just say jokingly..."Oh , I saw the other side of you".....and leave it at that..or you could be even more bold and just ask " wow, does your wife put up with that attitude??? God bless her, she must be a saint"......I am telling you ...he will be as nice as pie if you call him on it.....I have a friend who has been a nurse forever and her whole family is nurses, doctors, real estate developers etc.......she comes from a well to do family but she always said there are those people who have a high education (like this doc) who forget where they came from........and she then says " not impressed"..because she's grown up around that so she isn't impressed.

You are allowing him to get away with it if you enable him to treat you like that..........I would absolutely not go out of my way for him ever again.....he probably looks at women as lower than him too by the sounds of it.,........that's too bad.

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oh and while i'm at it doesn't 375 mcg of feynt seem like a lot ?:chair:

yeah, unless the pt was as big as an elephant or the procedure lasted more than an hour! i wouldn't be comfortable giving that much fentanyl for a short procedure no matter who ordered it. :trout:


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doesn't 375 mcg of feynt seem like a lot ?:chair: [/size]

yes, unless the pt was a big narc user or the owner of a super liver....i've seen some superfast metabolizers.

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