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Well I took it last week and I passed!!!! Amazing!!!Im shocked!

I have to say if I can do it anyone can get through it!!!

Phew what a relief!!!



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Totally awesome. :yeah:


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Congratulations RN:yeah::yeah::yeah:!!

Do you mind sharing study tricks and tips? I take mine in about a month and I'm getting soo overwhelmed:cry:

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Absolutely...what do you need help with?.....Study..infection control...infection control till you

know it backwards and forward and backwards again. Medications...what they are and what they do...as above ....

If you think about it the exam is to find out if you are safe practionioner and so infection control goes without saying..all the other stuff they expect you to know anyway as you have just been to nursing school... they want to know that when they let you loose on the units you are basically not going to kill the patient with an infectious disease or wrong medications...because after all they are giving you the license so they HAVE to be 95% sure you are a safe practionner... so if you get the odd thing wrong I dont think you will be back down in the none passing grade.You have to get the things right that are going to make a huge difference ....don't do too much stuff and get all crazy. just those things that WILL make a huge difference..tracheostomy care for instance has to be right and so do medications and so does infection control!!! Think about it and you will see what I mean....its not as hard as you think it will be at all

Listen if I can do it as an experianced British nurse who came here 15 years ago who never worked here at all as I had four kids...anyone can.!!!


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when everyone says infection control... do you mean knowing what's droplet, contact, airborne, and what patients would get put in private rooms, stuff like that??


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Yes, that is exactly what you need to know. Which disease is contact, resp, droplet. You need to know what type of garb to wear into the room. Sterile technique is also a bigie.


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Congrats!! I love hearing updates like this :) I take mine July 6th and was also told to study infection control. Thanks and good luck with this new step in life!


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Is infection control questions in the "safe and care environment" section of the Saunders CD?

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