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  1. As you all know jobs for new grad RNs' are extremely tight right now. I have only had 2 face to face interviews and one phone interveiw since I started looking in March. My Q&P with CSH was way back in May, but due to the state budget and the hiring freezes they are just now getting back to me. Any insight or advice re: the interview would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance:loveya:.
  2. Teach us with real life experiences and stories. We will remember that. Just reading us a powerpoint that we can read for our self doesn't work and it is boring. Engage us in conversations and debates and be willing to except another point of view. Yes even educators can get stuck in their own preferences at time. Ex. breastfeeding is the best versus bottle feeding. Well yah, ideally it is the best, but it is not always the best for the situation at hand. Explain real world nursing versus book nursing when applicable, trust me there are those out there who don't know the difference and are in total disbelief when they begin there nursing career. Don't hold my hand when trying new skills, but don't scare me to death so that nerves take over and i'm bound to fell. If I do screw up (and it's not deadly) tell me in private, guide me, and give me the confidence I need to continue. Believe me I feel bad enough already and will probably never ever make that mistake again. Be an advocate for your students during your clinical time. Find out what procedures need to be done that day on the floors your on and get your students involved, I have yet to see a nurse say no I need to do that FC myself, sorry but i'm really looking forward to putting that NG down this afternoon. Your students need you to find these opportunities for them because they are concentrating on there assignments/pts. and they might not otherwise have the opportunities to accomplish these tasks. Slow down when your explaining things, we don't have the years of experience behind us to comprehend everything that your saying at lighting speed. Do inservices with your clinical groups, show them indepth about the med. pump, let them play with one and ask you questions. Show them how to set up an IV bag with tubing and PBs. let them play with a setup prior to trying to do it in a pts. rm. ect.. ect.. Finally, if you have issues with other staff members (co-workers, hospital personel), please don't tell us about it. We don't need to be caught up in your gossip. We have enough on our plates without worrying if Doc so and so is truely and a**h*** or not. Especially if we are going to come in contact with this person. Believe me we will find out for ourselves is it is true. As a recent new grad, I can not express my gratitude enough to the Nurse educators that truely taught me. Through my own education I learned that teaching was something that I truely love doing also. So that is my ultimate goal, to someday join you. Unfortunately right now due to the economy I am in the same situation as so many other new grads in that I can't find employment. Although this is pretty depressing and extremely frustrating I am keeping my chin up and my eventual goals have not changed.